Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

We need to start a TRX thread now. I got a stock allocation.


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: behold trx orders

I’ll start, my sister placed for herself after seeing my 392 order

11/29 L1 with moonroof

About to place an order because I’ll probably never see it.

With every option that’ll delay delivery.

L2, Hydro Blue two tone, HK, and sunroof


Don’t know about that. For 11/29 order

I got TRX vin jeep chat showed

Thank you so much for holding. I am showing all of the materials needed to start the build process have been received. The vehicle should be entering the build process and starting on the production line shortly. Currently no Dealer ETA has been provided. Please reach out to the Selling Dealer as they may have a more accurate date of arrival or status for you.

@vinny Gupton?


Chapman xxxxx

Nice. I got a similar status on mine today “materials received and entering build process shortly”. Ordered 11/12. Base model with only two tone paint and tonneau cover.


AYE, best news!!! (11/16 order)

“Thank you for your patience here. Your vehicle is about to enter assembly! All parts are gathered. Congratulations! The VIN is XXX. We lack an ETA at this time but please keep in touch with us for the very latest.”

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Who did you place with gupton

No, chapman

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Which route is everyone going? Financing? Leasing? Terms?

Ordered today, was told it was a stock allocation.

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Yes sir, just placed today at invoice. They told me it was a stock allocation so I am hoping gets built soon.

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I am guessing most people ordered before they thought of how they are paying for it.

The “danger” of being able to order without a deposit.

Yet, it’ll work in the dealer’s favor when they have a bunch of TRXs on the lot.


This is my build. I was a sucker for the RamBar and red accents.

id say you started building off mine. :joy:

Order placed 11/15, I got a Vin and it’s in D status.


For mine, I am hoping the dealership takes grocery outlet coupons and an expired gift certificate to Regal cinemas.


Ordered on 11/23 a base in black.

Dealer posted some orders today from 11/24 and 11/26 that are already D1. Looks like we might get them sooner than later.

I agree with @mllcb42 that it looks like non L2 trucks are being built much faster

@JD81 - some advice you gave me

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