Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

no, but if ram did that and called it the redeye everyone would lose their minds

also granger dont lease, plus you have to pick it up in person



Trx market still good
Just because your car is underwater doesn’t mean these are


Base went up like 5k, you still making money even at msrp if you ordered back in august


I could use some expert advice here -

I sold the truck to local cjdr dealership on 10/21. Had next payment due at 10/29 but went ahead and paid it assuming I’d get all of it credited back from ccap.

It turns out the dealership sent the check to the wrong address (they claim ccap gave them the wrong address) and ultimately had to issue a stop payment on the first check. They sent out another check but got a new payoff this time from ccap, which was obviously lower because of the extra payment I made.

Now they’re willing to refund the principal portion of the extra payment I made ($700ish out of the $1507 payment) and are basically telling to me to pound sand for the remaining interest plus taxes I paid.

The whole thing sounds ridiculous to me but the finance guy kept repeating that it’s on the documents I signed that I owe any outstanding amounts until the loan is closed.

Am I in the wrong here to expect all of my $1507 payment back? I’m reasonably good at math and finance and from what I understand, I should be getting all of it back.

I had something similar happened. Made a payment while payoff was pending or nothing received. I ended up getting the payment (full) returned to me by CCAP.

And I was expecting the same but since there was a stop payment on first check, they pulled a new payoff before sending the second check.

Now they’re saying they’re not responsible for the interest plus taxes that were part of the $1507 payment I made. Which makes no sense because as the seller, I sold the truck on 10/21, 8 days before the next payment was due.

they didnt need to pull a new payoff, your sales contract with them should show the payment they were going to make to CCAP. that is they payment they should’ve sent since that is what was agreed upon at sale


Yeah thats how I understand it as well. They’re putting the blame on me essentially for paying the extra payment and are saying the interest and taxes portion of the payment is not their responsibility to pay back.

Does ccap get to know with the payoff check as to when the vehicle was sold?

your payoff was pulled 8 days before next payment due so the old payoff should’ve already included the next months rent charge. You were going to pay the next month rent charge regardless of your situation.


Unfortunately they aren’t going to refund you the tax and rent and honestly it’s not their responsibility to do so.

They’re doing the right thing by refunding the principle difference as that’s the amount they were bound to by your sales contract.

A mistake was made, but that doesn’t excuse you from your signed lease agreement. You were obligated to pay the payment, if they had of processed the payment in a timely manner you would have gotten it all back.

Such is life, you still drove a nice truck and I’m sure cashed out equity.


I’m trying to understand this - The mistake was made by the dealership/ccap. But because they couldn’t send/process the payoff in time, I have to take an $800 hit? My paperwork shows the truck was sold 8 days before the payment was due, so why would there be interest/taxes due on it?

You’re correct. It seems like the payoff was done after your payment which would only decrease the payoff by the principal amount. The taxes and rent charge won’t be refunded.

Any money recuperated would have to be between you and the dealer.

CCAP is weird, it runs its interest due timeline on a 14 day schedule. No per diems AFAIK. Since your payoff was pulled 8 days before due date, the payoff factored in the next months interest. Plus doesn’t seem that CCAP would’ve processed the payoff that fast to make sure you don’t owe interest. Nonetheless CCAP accounting is weird and this is just a consequence of the game.

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If it was already factored wouldn’t my extra payment make it double interest given to them? Between the payoff the dealer sent and my extra payment?

If this is part of the game that’s fine with me, the engineer in me just wants to understand and make sense of this whole thing. Paying interest plus taxes on a truck I don’t own just baffles me.

Edit - looks like it’s better to not make the extra payment at all to avoid all this fiasco.

But selling a truck, which you don’t own, for money in your pocket doesn’t baffle you.

I see. :eyes::eyes:


I can always count on you to add meaningfully to the conversation. That doesn’t baffle me either.

Your dealer has 10 days to make payment. You sold 8 days before your due date. The situation sucks but would have been similar if they decided to pay on the last possible day.

Sensitive and easily offended when challenged, but not easily baffled.

I see.

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