Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

@harrydogyo @bilalfaruqi Right after I posted that, I called a Chevy dealer and spoke with the used car manager. He actually offered to give me a price without me even asking. He used my VIN and based his quote on the MMR. Thanks for the tips, I’m gonna try this way from now on!


TRX is on a truck as of yesterday morning due to Farrish!

C - Order Confirmed - 6/19/2022
D1 - Scheduled - 8/1/2022
E - In Production - 9/6/2022
KZ - Vehicle Built - 9/11/2022
KZM - Shipped - 9/12/2022
ETA - 9/22/2022 - 9/26/2022

Shipping pace is picking up it seems.


Wow, that was quick! Congratulations!


2022 right?

Yea a 2022.

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Trx is financed, but i have sold leased 4xe’s to them without issue also.

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I always text info to them i never go in until deal has been agreed to.

Just sold another TRX for $85.5k in Orlando, FL. Was getting offers between 79k -84k but then started going to Ford and Acura dealers. They ended up coming up to $85.5 and I could’ve probably pushed a bit more.

Base with no options except the paint.


Don’t intend to be ignorant here…but what is the move for shopping at off make dealers? Does it boil down to lack of market knowledge?

Off brands aren’t going to be getting any other TRXs and your TRX will likely by the most expensive stand out vehicle on the lot so attracts business. Plus what you said


Was it a lease or financed… here in the Boston area the issue I’m having with different brand shops is they get skeptical of buying out any lease that is not their own brand…

Most contact their “ram store” to get the price, and come back with a lowball of an offer

Going to a dealer that has a ram store is worse than going to a ram dealer.

Theyd just think you’re stupid enough to not go directly to the ram store so will low ball

Leased. I explained chrysler allows 3rd party buyouts

I read base price on ‘23 trx increased by 2K. Jeez.

about 2 weeks ago sigh

Looks like our favorite dealer is not playing no more

U finally joined the TRX gang?

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lol chappy wont lease it so NOPE

what’s your TCO if you reg in SD?

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