Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Wonder if they’ll buy before registration. Try and get that offer extended and dump it!!

Come on bro, you spent 100k on a used TRX. Take care of the beast :joy:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Anyone do a sign and drive on a TRX recently? Any issues getting the dealer to process everything right?

If it’s Koons, they won’t do it


GMTV is throwing out some low offers just in case anyone is thinking about selling to them. They seem to think by intimidating truck owners that we are in a recession they’ll score higher margins. These trucks are still worth a lot of money so do a little more leg work if the usual suspects give you a low number.


Agreed, please don’t give in to the middle men.


Yea same here. My app is always alerting me low fuel, maintenance overdue. Weird…

Does it need to be level 2? I have a level 1 available soon

Yes that’s why I specified lol


I have a nicely optioned level 1. Black with 1,160 miles on it.

Appreciate it if I can get the latest MMR. Hoping the Sandstone (beige) ones have provided a nice bump.

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No “bump” but they’ve been holding around 89,500 for the last week or so.


Thank you, sir!

Try to avoid Koons if you ordering a car, now they are not releasing the cars until the deal is funded, according to them new policy because they are prone to make mistake due to the high volume of deals they make.

FWIW 2023 MY TRX order guide and pricing is out. $465 base price increase, everything else appears to be the same. No mention of a digital dash, no new colors.

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Do you know when the order bank opens?

Supposedly tomorrow, Aug 11th.


Wow thats ridiculous

Dan Cummins is doing the same thing