Ram TRX spin off - ordering, configs, flips, etc

Either a lot more bases making the auction or prices dipping a bit.

Those blue ones are at least lvl1 so probably a dip

Of course, as I finally inch closer to delivery lol. :roll_eyes:

Do we feel like they’re still holding at what, $5k over MSRP at this point? Other than base trucks… My Level 1 with pano has allegedly entered production…

Been riding the 4xe wave for a while ('23 392 on order) but also thinking of trying a TRX. Haven’t even seen one in person. How wild are these things? I have driven full size pickups before so I don’t think the dimensions are much different, just the height/stance and the supercharged engine? Looking at the website for build, I’m thinking level 1 package is best blend of comfort/convenience while still keeping it in good range to flip?

This is unlike anything you’ve ever driven. Think mini monster truck with ridiculous power.


Do it… it drives better than you can imagine. I had so much fun with mine. There’s nothing like being able to see over most vehicles on the road and still be able pass them easily.

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Sounds like I need to jump in. I love the idea of being able to see over traffic and then having the power to get around. My current 4xe Rubicon feels average/small in size compared to other vehicles.

closely watching this for answers. also, what’s the current ETA for L2 builds?

The TRX is nothing like a traditional full size pickup. It is much wider and taller. In fact, I had it parked next to a Chevy 2500 HD, and it nearly makes that truck look small.

They did an excellent job on the interior, and it is a blast to drive. It will outperform most vehicles (other than the real high performance) on the highway. The truck is FAST. I loved my TRX. Only two negatives for me was the fuel cost and parking can be a pain. This is close to a $200 fill up and it will drink the fuel just as fast as you can pour it in.


I have driven the TRX like 20 miles this past week and have been averaging 6 mpg :rofl:


I love when you sit idling in the truck and the range counter drops like a countdown timer


Its crazy tho. Idles at 7-800 rpm and still chugs gas like nobodys business


My dad calls it wheel of fortune


pro tip, I stopped driving this truck on “auto” mode and used my own customized driving setting. The auto drive mode makes this truck horrible, even as a daily driver around town.

Do you know if they allow you to roll taxes/registration into loan?

Would be interested to hear what settings you’ve found to work best.

I’ve read some of the threads on the ram-trx forums but feels like they are a bit all over the map.

Salvage title and wants 91k LMAOO

I put everything on aggressive sport settings and love it, or Baja mode

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Holds a salvage title. No accident. CARFAX in hand. Call me for more information.

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