R/askcarsales threads 💎

Thought a thread for the occasional gem of a post in r/askcarsales could be of use:

u/PlatePrevious1318 with today’s special, gets even better in the comments.



You can only lead the horse to the water…

To be fair, it’s because of the chumps that we can get steals.


All 8 of those sales managers are sending that lead straight to the garbage.


He forgot rule #76. No excuses, play like a champion.


honestly not too bad, thought it would be worse. lol @ the dealers in there acting as if “post april 2020” is a new normal of selling over MSRP


I agree with you. I know it sounds unethical but if the dealer is losing huge money on every vehicle, no dealer is going to survive. We need some people to go in the dealership and let the dealership make money on them and then we sometimes take advantage of several vehicles that dealer is willing to lose money on. It just does not work if every vehicle that they are selling makes them lose money.


Wouldn’t that be nice, I rather buy my car like how I buy my apple products, straight from the source.

The problem is there arent any tags for who is a dealer and who is just an outside poster on reddit.


Service center is where the money is. They make money even on champs like us by billing mothership.

[rant alert]
R/askcarsales is one of the most ignorant arrogant sub I have come across. But I still follow :smiley: .

Sales guys* who were promoted to be F&I, lists themselves “Finance Manger” flare and somehow they believe to be qualified to speak as economist with authority , and then echo chamber follows.

*I am going to be misogynist and say they (f&I on r/askcarsales) all have to be guys. I have yet to come across a female professional who is so delusional work-wise… rant over.
[/rant alert]


They are all a bunch of scumbags

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It’s the internet, there’s someone making up a rule.

This “1% profit above dealer cost” is even dumber than the 1% lease rule.


So bizarre :flushed:

Oh man… I was one of the first subscribers to r/askcarsales back in the day, and recall how salty the moderating team was if you gave advice that contradicted theirs when it came to buying cars. The one Hyundai sales guy – meatloaf (who apparently deleted his entire post history) – was absolutely livid any time I left advice that was contrary to his. Notorious for citing Rule 10 in the name of “only verified car salesmen can give advice”. I couldn’t believe how elementary their knowledge of car sales actually was, but it was clear those guys hated informed buyers. The difference in expertise and quality compared to LH brokers/dealers/etc is night and day.


I hate car salesperson “advice” and attitudes. Recently I suggested that someone on Facebook should reach out to sales and general managers directly rather than playing the game with people who have no authority. This approach consistently works, as many people hear could attest to. Of course I get the dreaded “Haha” react emoji from some smarmy used car manager at a local Porsche dealership.


There is nothing worse than making a serious inquiry and being set up with 22 year old Josh who just sold his first car last week and doesn’t know anything about the cars on the lot. Bless your heart, Josh, but take the walk-ins.


But there’s only so much bandwidth an actual GM or GSM or even FIM has, so why throw more noobs their way? Waste of everyone’s time.

The person who doesn’t do any actual research but instead posts about it on FB is just setting themselves up for failure.

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This is leasehackr. We ALL know how clueless the sales people are when we try to structure a lease. Most of the time I just get them to agree to a selling price + incentives and then tell the finance office how I want the deal structured.

Exactly. If you’re ready to make a deal the GM or GSM can give 5 minutes for a judgement call. I mean often the sales person is convinced that there’s a rule or incentive you’re talking about that doesn’t exist. GMs and GSMs know all the ins and outs and have the authority. But they also don’t have time to waste either.

Local large high volume dealer group did away with the traditional model. No finance office, no commissioned sales people, lower headcount, just GM, sales managers who carry a big quota (30+ cars) and low paid product specialists who pair your phone for you and walk through the new car. The old model always seemed broken but it’s what most dealers still run with.


If you really wanna know who the dealers are, just profess your love for brokers. You’ll see who the dealers are based on responses :joy: