Questions on Volvo pull-ahead

Sorta unrelated, but does Volvo do pull ahead?

Volvo was running a 9 month pull ahead in November.

Volvo Lease Pull Ahead . Volvo Car Financial Services (VCFS) is pleased to announce the launch of our Lease Pull Ahead Program. This program invites lease customers that have 9 monthly payments remaining on their lease to return their vehicle prior to the maturity date when they lease a new 2018 Volvo through VCFS.

I’m a stranger to pull ahead, wanted to get some clarification, so if you were to lease another car from the same brand they’ll essentially rip up the old contract and forfeit those remaining monthly payments as well as any mileage over?

My experience with pull ahead was 2k over miles … it was a negotiation but dealer took it off when leasing same vehicle

Volvo still has pull-ahead on 2019s. I believe the length might vary by region, as do the incentives (or lack thereof) and loyalty. For instance, you should be able to do pull-ahead AND loyalty when going from S60 to S60, but on other cars you generally lose the loyalty when doing the pull-ahead. Ask @ursus.

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I did my pull ahead in January of 2019 from S60 to S60. VCFS took care of my last 5 payments, but the two dealers I dealt with said it could not be stacked with loyalty and that I would be responsible for any mile overage and wear and tear (I was over about 2,700 miles at the time and lease was ending in May). I was certainly expecting a hefty bill in the mail at 25 cents per mile. However, the mileage bill comes in the mail, and I see the overage was written off :man_shrugging:. I’m not sure if that was a one off or what. Programs change every month, and @Ursus is definitely someone in-the-know about this on this forum. Have some people been getting pull ahead AND loyalty?

This doesn’t sound like a true manufacturer pull ahead if there were negotiations involved…

It was allowed on any-to-S60 only last month in NE. Don’t know about other regions.
@nyclife is the best source, but he’s busy selling them.

Alrighty then…

Just agreed to two lease deals — XC60 T5 R Design and S60 T6 AWD R Design, Did pull ahead (about one to 1.5 months) in each car and had no issues with loyalty for either car. The XC60 loyalty was $2k – really helped with that deal.

The fact that it was two cars rather than one helped too but the deals were what I’d consider good vs. comparable vehicles anyway.

I got a 9 month pull ahead in the mail the other day in NY (i have a S90). Tossed it because new S90 wasn’t included, i also have a killer deal from Nov '17 so not looking to get rid of it anytime soon.Pretty sure most other models were included.

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Just offered deal on 2018 s90. T5 AWD MOM. MSRP 57K. 450 a month tax included with first month only due at signing.

Im currently in a 2017 S90, with 6 payments left at 370 a month. (Was 24 month lease and MSRP was 51K)

I love my current payment but given inventories, Im thinking i should pull the trigger. Thoughts? @Ursus

This is a 36/12K lease

Wow. That’s a good deal. Inventory levels look very low, at least here in the northeast and mid-Atlantic. Nobody seems to offer them.

If you want a Momentum it seems like a great deal. May be reproducible, may not. I’m great at starting the obvious.

Does anyone have insight into S90 inventories down the line? Will they even bother importing next year? I’m open to theories and facts.

Is it new? Probably a good deal, if you want another S90. Check MF/RV/Incentives on Edmunds and calculate, you did not provide any info. But you lose the loyalty with pull ahead (though there are some exceptions sometimes). 2019 S90 doesn’t any incentives and there are very few of them, so you may not get great deals in 6 months.

How is Volvo with lease extensions? That could help defer return until there is a “deal” which is risky.

Terrible, from my experience. Only gave me one month. Will not extend without new car order. They did extend by 6 months without problem in 2006, but back then it was a different Volvo.

Really? Thought they did 6 mos like BMW does. Color me surprised. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is 5 months max now, and online request only shows up to 3.

BMW isn’t an auto 6 either. Some have reported 1-3 months, and others denied altogether.