Questions on Volvo pull-ahead

The world has changed since I last paid attention to all that. Very interesting.

Its new. RV/MF check out. Sale price was 41 and change I believe (currently at the office, details not in front of me)

Truth be told, I’d be happy in an S60. Possibly even happier than S90 but im hooked on the s90 standard tech now. Love the autonomous driving etc. Finding an s60 with that option for under 48K MSRP seems a little far fetched. Ive called a bunch of dealers. Sounds like there might be a few loaners in the coming months loaded with the tech i want but far from sure thing.

Wait for S60. When loaners are ripe they will be super cheap.

Picking up an S60 T6 AWD R Design for a touch more than your S90 deal. Don’t have autonomous driving but had the bigger engine and sport stuff I prefer. Depends what you’re looking for, I’m an S60 guy myself.

It does not have bigger engine.

I got a 3 month extension (last summer) with no trouble by telling them I was waiting for availability of the new model.
BEYOND that was impossible though.

Appreciate the advice. Turned the offer down. I like the idea of waiting for the S60 loaners to hit. Im in the north east in case you hear of any.

Sorry to revive this; Can Volvo pull-ahead and loyalty be combined?
side question: Can the first payment waiver be applied to a loaner vehicle?

No loyalty with pull-ahead

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Appreciate the quick answer! Any idea on the payment waiver?

Waiver can be applied, I’m pretty sure. And I believe there was an exception on pull ahead with loyalty on S60 at the start of 2019 (I think)

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I’ll push for the waiver tomorrow. Thanks!

There was, but then loyalty was dropped in May for the two months of Costco. Then, it went back to loyalty unless doing a pull-ahead.

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Loyalty was dropped in NE, but not in mid-Atlantic, remember? :slightly_smiling_face:


I received the pull ahead offer in the mail from Volvo and the “waiving” of few remaining payments…I have an awful lease where I’ve only used about 55% of the miles! I’ve been considering doing the pull ahead but, as of checking Edmunds, there are NO incentives being offered in January for the xc60s and I think the 90 is too big and otherwise haven’t checked incentives or MF on those. I can’t see how beneficial it would be to do a deal now vs waiting a couple months- turn it in, pay the fee, pay another fee for a broker and get a much better deal…

No reason to do pull ahead if you’re that far under miles. Just keep the vehicle until the end.

January is probably showing no incentives because January numbers likely aren’t out yet. Ask on Monday.

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Volvo pull a head is 6 months for XC90 , XC60 and XC40 for the s90 , s60 , v60 and v90 it is 9 months.

Yeah I’m not really big on the lease pull ahead if I cant get something better than my current Volvo. It was Edmunds that told me January is no incentives.

There are incentives. Check @Bostoncarconcierge’s thread. Too soon for Edmunds yet

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What’s the typical loyalty when going from an S90 to XC90, is it the 500 or 1000? Thanks!