Questions about BMW driving events

Apologies as this is a bit off-topic, but could someone elaborate a bit on these BMW driving events? I got some emails last year about an event in So Cal - Bob Hope airfield in Burbank if I recall correctly. That’s a bit of a trek for me, 2-3 hours each way, but it might be worthwhile if it means a discount code and the chance to get behind the wheel of an M car on an open track or something.

A little googling didn’t really get me much more info on the event, and the notice was sent sort of last minute, so it was a tough decision to make. It would be cool to hear from someone who has attended one of these before or knows a bit more about them so I can make plans for next time.

The one I went to was at Santa Anita and held in the parking lot of the track. There were four components:

  1. A chance to test drive various BMWs on local streets. (free)

  2. A instructor led auto-cross event. (free)

  3. An M-car driving event which cost extra.

  4. A teen driving event. (don’t remember if it was free or extra)

I did the auto-cross. There was a brief classroom period and then you were split into groups of three each with your own instructor. The instructors all had racing experience. You drove on an autocross course laid out with cones in the parking lot. Everyone got two practice runs and then a final timed run. You had the opportunity to ride along with the other people in your group and listen to the feedback from the instructor. Cars were either 3 or 4 series cars.

This was about 2-3 years ago now so they might have changed the event a bit since I did it.

I thought it was very well done especially as a free event. Whether it was worth a 4-6 hour drive round trip is kind of up to you. For me it was about 30 minute drive one way.

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The $1,000 code is typically good for only $500 from BMW and the rest requires a $500 contribution from the dealer. If you’re already at max discount, it’s possible the code will only get you the $500 from BMW.

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they have an M car control which costs $750. a day of driving exercises like skidpads etc. I don’t think its worth it

but I did sign up for the free event. It’s only about an hour from me though and my friend signed up as well.

I did the lexus one last year, got to rip an LC500 and RCF around autocross course and street drove an LS500

Thanks to the mods for breaking this out into its own thread and for the responses. This is really helpful info!

It sounds like it may not be worth the drive all the way up to LA, but if something happens a bit closer, a $500 code and some autocross time would be pretty fun.

Good morning!!

I tried to register to the one at the meadowlands but got out on the waiting list!
If I still go would I get the ol code??
Says something bout a street drive or XDrive experience

Any help would be appreciated!!

If I’m not getting the code prob wouldn’t want to waste the trip


I was on the wait list also, but I got the code with 5 mins of registering at the event.
At street experience they dont ask for much, just name and phone number.
At XDrive you just go to start, nothing is asked and they put you in the car you desire.
Also you can register for auto Cross, and not attend the actual event.