Question - Settlement for Totaled 2019 BMW 330i

Hi All,

I need some help. I totaled my BMW (not at fault) and been dealing with the other person’s insurance (Gecio). So they set a settlement price of 42K and the pay out for the car is around 26K. When I got the lease I had MSDS of 2800 + 2000 down payment.

I was talking to Geico and they sent the requested settlement of the 42,800 to BMWFS and they accepted the whole settlement. But I heard that I may get the overages. BMW isn’t telling me anything and keeps saying they don’t know. IF the payout for the car is 26K why is BMW wanting 42K? Shouldn’t I be getting the difference?

Can someone please help? I’m so upset and don’t know what to do.

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Your payoff is for you to purchase the vehicle. Someone else’s insurance is not you. Their insurance’s responsibility is to reimburse bmwfs for the market value of their asset.

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Can’t we automatically direct the same questions to same thread?

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Sorry for the crash. Hopefully you were not seriously injured. This has been discussed at length in similar posts regarding BMWFS. Just search forum.


I hate posting after the close, but

You should get your MSDs returned to you. Sorry for your loss, hopefully nobody was hurt.