Question on this Genesis G70

I emailed a dealer for lease numbers for a Genesis G70. This was their reply:

Unfortunately with this being such a high desired vehicle a lease is not eligible for this. After reaching out to my sales manager he informed me it is only available for purchase. I do have a similar vehicle available for lease if this still suits you, CLICK HERE to view this similar vehicle.
We have a handful of Genesis that are not available for leasing I apologize for the inconvenience. I would be happy to find the right vehicle for you that met your leasing needs so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any further assistance!
Selling slowly
121 days** on CarGurus
No saves

I just leased a G70 today. Every dealer I spoke with was begging to lease me one.

Great lease incentives this month and very low mf

Only issue is dealers don’t want to discount much off msrp

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Contact HMF on that. If it’s new, it’s available for lease.


Awesome car btw! I love it

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Sorry but whats MHF?

Hyundai Financial.


Well if you have any hard numbers, it would help me try to get one.
Boston area seems very murky getting info

thank you!!

Sounds like that’s dealerships philosophy does not include selling cars.


LOL… Well this was the dealer:

I wonder if the car had suffered some damage or been previously sold and brought back that prevented it from being sold as new and they were trying to save face?

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The car has 10 miles on it.

If you have multiple dealers around then tell them to take a big long hike, that you and your lease buddies have never heard of anything so incompetent.

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My local dealer tells me that the 2.0L models have great lease programs but the 3.3L models do not. They are talking about nicely equiped 2.0L G70’s for under $400 mo

The one they wouldn’t let me lease was a 2.0L. No clue what happened. Thanks for info Mr647

Contact Hyundai Motor America (HMA) and Genesis Motor America (GMA).

As previously mentioned, if it is new, it can be leased.

I’ll look into it. Thanks!!

Just had a dealer come off a whopping 3.2% and they said that was all they were doing. First, I was shooting for 10% and then thought “maybe I’ll do 8%” and then they hit me with 3%. At first they didn’t discount it at all and I flipped out and went nuts over the phone. Wow.

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I totally agree with you. They wont give a good discount on these vehicles right now. Probably because its still new to the market . Im wanting one too but with the discount being bad. Ill wait a couple of months before i pull the trigger. Im in the same boat as you are aiming for 10%. With residuals being so bad, its just a matter if time before they start giving good discounts.


Good luck, but I’m running out of time with my old lease (6 weeks on a Q50). Looks like I’m moving on to something else. Any advice guys? Looking for a AWD coupe/sedan lease deal.