Question for dealers and brokers

Question for dealers and brokers
How is your June starting out? Are you seeing a lot of prospects asking for impossible deals due to the current conditions ? Would love to know your point of view on this.


We’ve been seeing a steady flow of serious buyers. Big slowdown on the lower MSRP stuff, but we can’t seem to keep anything over $120,000 in stock. We will still occasionally get COVID jacks but we just broom them and move on. Oddly, we’re starting to see floor traffic start to come back (especially this weekend).

We usually do 240-250, finished at 210 with crippled inventory. With proper inventory we would have been over 300. Market is strong for us. (Jaguar Land Rover in Orange County). Idk how things are for Audi but a buddy of mine at Audi DTLA said he broke his sales record and the store did really well.


Day 7, I’m at 0 for the month :frowning:

Have gotten a couple of patently ridiculous requests but most have been in the realm of possible under normal market conditions.

Inventory shortages making dealers pull back on discounts heavily for anything that doesn’t have generous manufacturer support.


In your opinion then, is now a good time to get a new lease (Jaguar I Pace) or just stall for up to another 6 months? I’m sure it’s hard to predict the future, but I’m not getting much movement on discounts right now aside from the EPA tax credit.

It does read from your replies, in the new car market, it’s not really slowing down much on the consumer side of things.

I have a $460/m lease on a Genesis G80 that’s about 13k miles under… I can go month to month for up to 6 months if i choose to, but I’d imagine putting on new tires will blow away much in the savings, but it would be me time hoping for larger incentives start popping up.

Are you based in CA?

No, stupid Illinois.

I don’t know good the etron leases are in IL but ca has amazing leases

Like how good are we talking? I think I just personally like the I Pace look, but for the right price, call me an Audi man.

I know I can’t compare apples to oranges. But it would help me get in the right ball park with someone local.

Under $600 a month with MSD on 76k car

I could almost get 2 of these for what I’m being quoted from Jaguar.

Looks like I’m off to a field trip in the morning over to Audi.


Call my sister store In Chicago Fletcher Jones Audi
Ask for Dan Flood the GM and tell him Sam from Audi Beverly Hills sent you


Thanks, I’ll be sure to reach out in the morning.

@Samaudibh, I wasn’t able to speak with the GM, but I did speak with someone from sales. And I stopped by my local dealership, thanks again for the tip.

First sorry for stealing the thread, but hoping you’re able to help me understand who might be wrong, or I’m too dense to be trying to figure this out in the first place

On the same vehicle (2019 e-tron Prestige) I’m being quoted 1030/m or 880/m. for 36 months/12k miles.

Based on info I got from edmunds, the current lease numbers from Audi are: .00173 MF
$7500 lease cash & 47% residual. $8000 dealer market allowance. I can’t tell for sure, but I think one dealer is giving me the 7500 lease cash + the 7500 epa credit, and the other one is just the epa credit.

@Bostoncarconcierge has a 599/month 0 down on an 19 ipace. you’d have to ship.

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What makes you think one of these is incorrect? Looks like one is just offering a much better deal.

Both are using the lease cash. The more expensive one is just giving less discount.


Thanks for reviewing it, I appreciate the help.

It will pick up… :muscle:

Day 10 @ 27. About to sell the store out.

Most of our regular internet customers thinking COVID discount should be HUGE. But its been the opposite with pricing on some models going through the roof.


We’re essentially out of new cars and used cars are getting tough to buy now as dealers are shifting focus.

We sold a 2014 RAV4 at auction with 66k miles that was BEAT and it went 5.5k over MMR ($9,200). It was the dumbest thing I’ve seen at auction in a long time.