Question about Volvo pull ahead program on XC60

Hi all,
For Volvo pull ahead, they waive the remaining 6 payments afaik, my question is if there are 8 payments as of now but I make the 2 in advance, would it qualify for pull ahead since there will be 6 left? Or is the pull ahead only a chronological type of thing with 6 months left? This sounds like a dumb question I know I am just not super experienced on the topic. TY!!!


Not a direct answer to your question but aren’t you wasting those 2 advance payments?

Yes I suppose they would be “wasted”, I’m weighing out if making the two payments now would be smarter or if paying the next two months of over mileage charges would be as I am now commuting daily and the car is already at its maturity mileage.

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At least you’re getting usage out the payments. Otherwise say you make 2 advance payments tonight and sign a 36m lease tomorrow. You’re making 38 payments for 36m of usage.

Do the math on expected excess mileage x the charge per mile … that number plus 38m of payments for 38m of usage might make more sense.

that is exactly how it works. Volvo does not care how many “MONTHS” remaining on your lease, they care about how many payments are left.

Consider not telling the dealership you have a current volvo lease, just say you have a volvo in the household. Take the numbers you see here on the market place and negotiate a similar deal. Then once you have a firm deal in place spring the trade on them. Tell them to honor the deal and eat the remaining payments. They will not be excited about this but insist on it. They probably will eat one of the two payments or worst case you will make both of the payments (but hey it was worth the try).

If they do not eat both payments, nuke them on the survey


I remember having a heated discussion about this with a guy who’s no longer here. From what I understand, VCFS does care how many months and not payments left.

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When we ground a car in 360 it pulls monthly payments remaining not time. Anything above 6 PAYMENTS hits our parts statement.

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There was something on the site about this and also I think someone tried exactly the same trick by pre-paying and it was rejected. Maybe it was even me trying to jump on pull-ahead lol
Yeah, I think when my dealer tried to do it, VCFS rejected it.

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That’s strange. I will call my volvo rep in the morning to verify.


Thanks for offering some insight on this. I will definitely try to have them eat a payment or two :laughing:.

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On a similar note, do you have any experience with pre-return inspections on pull ahead? I have a XC-90 T6 my wife wants to turn into a XC-90 T8 due back in just under six months.

Will Volvo allow me to schedule an inspection more than 90 days out? I called Volvo Financial twice and got two different answers. Unfortunately, my XC-90 has a few scratches and I want to make sure to repair them pre-turn in if Volvo is going to charge me for them.

I had 9 more months on my Xc60 2021 lease to end. I went to the dealer and they purchased the vehicle from me. I didn’t have much positive equity, but they were willing to roll over if there was any positive equity into the new lease.

i upgraded to Xc90.

What does this have to do with the pull-ahead?

I meant to say, i went to work out with volvo pull ahead program, since pull ahead is only for 6 months, I was checking my options. It worked out since the dealership purchased the Volvo back. I didn’t have to pay anything extra for 2 remaining months. I was trying to suggest if the OP can work out something similar. that’s all.

Yeah, if he can trade in then there is no issue, obviously

This could affect the salesperson’s pay (who as you know has no control over whether the sales manager will eat the payments) and is thus a dick move.

Yeah and maybe they will learn a lesson from it

I can’t tell if it was sarcastic … your recommendation to nuke them on the survey if they don’t eat the two payments.

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Wow that’s a pretty Karen move. They don’t want to lose money? Nuke em!