Question about Volvo pull ahead program on XC60

Since when did LH become the refuge of the most toxic salespeople?

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The irony is too strong.

Yeah I agree someone should do a wellness check on him… I really thought he was being sarcastic about the survey thing (forgot the /s).

I think clipping $300 coupons every time someone turns a Volvo isn’t healthy in the long term. I mean, assuming the dealer’s front-end margin on just the vehicle transaction is a paltry $2500 (this is a very low margin btw), that means they’re cutting him 12% which is unsustainable. And I suspect their total take on his average new vehicle transaction is much higher than $2,500 before his commission.

The dude is gonna get PTSD and burn out. Probably needs to move into something higher margin with less turn.

Seems as if this thread has gone a little off the rails :sweat_smile:

Just thought I would share an update as to where I am at as of now…

2024 XC90 Recharge Plus 7p

Most of the dealers I have dealt with haven’t been aggressive but one seems to be willing to play ball. They are offering to eat half of one payment ($352) but nothing else. I am trying to get them to eat my excess mileage charges ($525) but they do not seem interested in going any deeper. I attached a calc link which is pretty close to what they are offering me, the -1,062 “negative equity” is the 1.5 payments I am rolling into this lease.


Ask them to lower the discount by $525 and cover the excess mileage charges.

Or if you’re doing a trade, accept $525 less than market value for your current car.

That’s how this actually works. You’re just asking for $525 in additional dealer discount.

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Who give’s a damn about the salesperson’s pay? They chose this line of work screw em

Take the deal, give them straight 1’s on the survey and write why you are.

Remember how much back end money they get back. They are ABLE to do the deal, they don’t WANT to do it. Hence they deserve to get a terrible survey.

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