Question about Toyota Sienna buy/lease

Hi all I have been looking into a Sienna in TX. I have spoke to a few dealers and they are all adding various protection plans on top of MSRP. One of the items included in their extras is window tinting. Based on the build specs online I can see “privacy glass on rear windows” listed for all trim levels as stock. So my question does anyone know if the dealerships are actually tinting the windows of Siennas or are they just capitalizing off of something that’s already been done at the factory? Also, how successful has anyone been at negating these charges with Toyota dealerships recently? Thanks in advance for your time.

My wife and I picked up an AWD XLE Sienna in November for MSRP plus $499 doc fee. We live in KY, but drove to West Virginia for delivery.

At the time a lease made zero sense, so we purchased.


Check this out. I hope this will help. In this crazy market i would buy Toyota product.