Question about a leasing process


Hi I have a broker that is working on a deal for me. He told me that since I am getting the deal done through them, I have to send the inceptions amount of 3,000 to there company account and they will give it to the dealer. I was wondering why I couldn’t pay it directly to the dealer but he said that’s how it has to work in order to get the deal done through them. Is this how it works typically when having using a broker? Thank in advance

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Is this a broker through Leasehackr? I have never personally used a broker myself, but my understanding of most of the deals posted by brokers here is that you either pay them a separate fee directly or they get paid from the dealer on the back end. I’ve never heard of a broker acting as the go between for the inceptions. Perhaps some of the @brokers here might want to weigh in on that.

I would edit the title of your post, you might get more answers faster, but it doesn’t sound right to me.

@Brandon_Grant is it an established broker? What does the review page look like?

I have never heard of this. Usually I have seen most brokers only collect the broker fee $300-600. Some ask for it in full and some partial until the deal is closed.

This is typical of non-LH brokers.

They will pay the dealer your upfronts and pocket the difference for their fee.


AVOID them like the plague. Responding to your DM publicly.


That’s an interesting way of weeding out tire kickers…


they seem established by the website but I never seen them on here before as a broker

WHOA OH. MY. GOD. I just dodge a bullet @HersheySweet you just helped me so much can’t thank you enough man

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@Brandon_Grant don’t tell me it is the same broker!!!

@leasecompanion Yes! same exact… oz leasing was the one that told me this

Generally, there’s nothing wrong with this. Done by plenty of brokers who sell cars.

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@aronchi everyone else is saying different. why is done this way instead of the way all the brokers here are saying ??

It’s less what they’re doing and more the bad reviews.


Because you got scammed. I’m not saying it’s correct that you got scammed.

Didn’t get scam yet definitely dodge a bullet lol.

@Brandon_Grant you should at the minimum thank him in his review thread for saving you! :smiley:

Most definitely. Im pretty new here Where do I find the review thread?


This is totally normal for full time brokers
We do that 99% of the time
The only thing I would not do is pay the cod-balance inch fees before delivery
that might be a red flag
Deposit/ broker fee yes but the balance on delivery unless you are shipping, then you paid the total balanced before the car can be shipped and you sign all the docs

The best thing to do is to call the dealer and ask for references about the broker
When new clients have doubts about this process or who we are I have the G M of the dealer call the client directly and explain everything and who we are, that way the client is at easy.