Has anyone worked with Oz Leasing before?



I was looking at some of these online only leasing companies (I’m in Los Angeles and have used DSR Leasing before who are in Orange County…had a positive experience).

I found this company called Oz Leasing where the lease deals seem to be pretty good. They apparently deliver nationwide too. The thing that made me hesitate is that they are asking for credit check information wayyy early in the process (before I’m anywhere close to confirming the lease terms and being put in touch with any sort of specialist).

Has anyone worked with these folks before? Any advice on whether they (or any other recommended online only dealers) are a better option than regular dealerships?





Thanks. Yeah I had seen those yelp reviews and they are too few to rely on. Also a couple of them caution that this is a scam. Which is why I wanted to see if anyone in this community had worked with them before


They are on Instagram too.


Bumping this as I am looking to evaluate OZ Leasing also.
I am a noob and this is my first time ever leasing so I am learning as I go along. Have only financed or purchased pre owned till now.

They claim they are based out of florida but have contacts throughout the country and will procure vehicles nearby and ship over.
For example, I am in CT and they say they will procure from NY.

More specific to deal offered to me. I am trying to lease a Q50.

  1. They claim that since it is CT, they will only lease the AWD model.
  2. They also claim that the 2.0t is not in production so they will lease the 3.0t Luxe AWD as base model.
  3. Approx 290/mo for 39 months with Zero Down + TTL is what is offered.

I am dubious about both point #1 and 2 even though point #1 is my preference.

Also want to know in case of such agents, how is lease return (at end of 39 month term) handled if I move to a different state within the lease duration.

Can somebody shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been ridiculed by them a while back, I can’t say i recommend them.


Most brokers serve the uninformed general public.

Find someone on LH who has proven themselves here.


I can verify I’ve visited their office in Aventura, FL in the past so they are not a scam, just a small business owned by a guy named Oz and a couple other employees.
That being said I can’t say that I recommend them due to the fact that I was able to easily beat their quotes by going directly to dealers.


Looking at their website there are definitely some misprints. I was checking Volvos and they have the XC90 listed at $47.00 per month. Don’t we all wish.


It’s possible…


Once I changed the mileage it corrected to $447.


Q50 was the only big outlier on their website. It was (and still is) quoted as 223 with 0 down.
When I talked to them, they said it was for the 2.0t Pure which they claim is no longer in production in 2018 - even though the Infiniti website claims otherwise.


I checked the forums and there hasn’t been a better quote for the Q50 Luxe AWD in 2018.
My concern is that once the term is over, if there are going to be problems with the return or any charges.

Below is the quote I received.

Oz Auto Leasing
20807 Biscayne Blvd
Aventura, FL 11223
Phone: (954)-256-8357

Vehicle: 2018 Infiniti Q50 AWD Sedan
Options/Trim Level: 3.0T Luxe 300 Trim

Lease Information: Amount Due At Signing:
Term: 39 Months Monthly Payment(s): 298.90
Monthly Payment: $298.90 Bank Fee: 700.00
Miles Per Year Included: 10,000 DMV Fee: 300.00
Lease End Purchase Option: 22,448.15 Documentation Fee: 0.00
MSRP: 42,355.00 Upfront Taxes: 865.00
Transport: 0.00
Cap Reduction: 0.00
Total Due At Signing: $2,163.90


Can’t say much about their leasing, but their business practices suck. They hired my company for a bunch of work and never paid us after delivering.

They say how you do one thing is how you do everything. That should give you a hint as to how they might operate as a leasing company.

Hopefully they treat you better.