Q50 3.0t $297 incl tax!

Hi, I think I did pretty good here. Q50 3.0t 2018, 39 months, 10k miles. $297 including tax, 0 down. First payment and tag transfer due at signing! What do you think?

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What’s the sticker price on the car?

I’m assuming you have vpp? Even with vpp it seems a little too low though. Or maybe a lot low if the bank fee isn’t due at signing.

Sticker price was $39, 855. Got it knocked down to 32000. No VPP. Just negotiated with 3 dealerships.

No bank fees, just first payment and tag transfer. I made sure of that before I got there.

Did you have VPP? (20202020)

No VPP. I think maybe it’s end of December so they need to move a bit quicker.

how about some more details? that price without VPP seems crazy low (unless tag transfer is thousands of dollars)

Can you provide a price breakdown ? Thanks

Hi new member here.
I’m in Michigan - does anyone know if this deal can be replicated in the metro Detroit area (Suburban are usually terrible with their deals as they have a monopoly). I’m willing to go out of state.
BTW is employee pricing the same as VPP? Or can you add VPP discounts to employee pricing?

Not low at all. They’re offering them here at $298 0 down plus inceptions. I didn’t even bother with the price breakdown, because it would never add up. I spoke with a few dealers and stuck to my figure. Everything was done via text or email. I just didn’t give in. Each dealer knew I was working with someone else and I didn’t hide it either. And one particular gave me the closest number to mine.

I went in today to my local dealer and they wanted $377 plus tax plus $1300 down (inc first month) for a $45K car. Not a great deal imo.
Elly where are you located at? Will your dealer ship to Michigan?

Don’t go to a dealer to negotiate, just test drive. Emailing or texting is the best way. If you’re looking for 3.0t awd they run a little bit more. If you don’t care for the engine, national offer for 2.0 awd is 309, $2799 down not including tax. Do you actually have to take all of this into consideration? No you don’t because every number is negotiable. Pick several dealers, think of a reasonable number that you want. And always say you don’t want to come out of pocket. Every time they come back at you with a number, say “we can do better.” If one starts to lower the price, go to the next dealer and let them know that you have a quote and if maybe they can beat it. Always be nice. It’s the end of the year, they need to move cars off their lot so you should be able to get something decent. Let me know how it goes!

…I’m from Miami:)


Thanks Elly. I’ll try what you say. Who do i email at a dealership - do I ask for the internet sales manager or someone else because I don’t see many emails listed online ?

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Fill out the inquiry on the website…it will ask for your name email and phone number. After, a dealer will probably contact you within an hour. If they call, I usually don’t pick up. Than you’ll prob get a text, asking you to call them. Text back and say you’re really busy, working…whatever lol, and tell them you prefer texting or email. Than let the negotiating begin. Tell them what you want. Whatever they offer, always stay calm and thank them even if the number is atrocious…and than decline and ask for a better one:)

Got it! Thanks (20 char…)

I have a local dealer who offered $299 plus tax with 995 down 39 month lease on a 18’ Q50 3.0 Essential package. Any good?

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Not bad at all! You’re definitely getting there. This is what I did because I had a similar offer…Say you really don’t want to come out of pocket but thank him for a good deal and say you’ll think about it. If you have this in writing (text, email…etc.), contact another dealer from a different company…once you get one, write him asking about their lease specials. Than say that you’ve been shopping around a bit and have a quote, but was wondering if he can do better. He might ask you to see it. Take a pic of the text or an email and send it over. Tell him you want 290 including tax and don’t want to come out of pocket if possible. Than see what he says. If he won’t budge, go to another one. It takes time:/

Have u seen any good deals on the Red Sports?

I haven’t really looked because I wasn’t after it.