Pursuing 2020 Camry SE - general questions as I progress

Heya all. I’m in MA shopping around for a 2020 Camry SE. Edmunds only mentions a 255 lease cash incentive, but I’m seeing “$1500 TMS Customer Cash” listed on some websites. Is this an incentive or is this some BS number they throw onto the price calculation to make things look pretty?

Any help is appreciated in understanding what this is and how it works as a component in a lease deal.

might be a purchase only incentive. Lease incentives and purchase incentives can be vastly different.

@mp11477 ah ok. that would make sense. Thank you.

Check the fine print, what I also see is

Customer Cash is not available with Special APR or Lease offers.

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@jeisensc I’ll check the fine print next time :sweat_smile:

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when it comes to MF, will I ever actually get the base rate, assuming I have tier 1 credit?

For instance, I have one dealer I’m working with who has agreed on a selling price that would grant me the deal I’m looking for if I were to get the current base MF .00001 as well as other DAS terms. (I have a tier 1 780 fico 8 auto cosign)

Should I ever expect that I will be able to get the dealer to that base MF? Would it be realistic for me to expect the base MF from her? Or would moving to the next stage of the deal with that attitude/expectation sour the deal?

I know nobody can know exactly how a person will react, I’m just looking for general opinions.


Why not structure a deal with your objectives / terms and send it to the dealer? It needs to be realistic though.

Certainly indicate you are looking for base mf and if it’s possible do msd’s to lower it even further. A great credit score doesn’t mean they are automatically giving you base mf, that’s why it is important to know all these things first.

Many dealers will offer you the buy rate MF, and many dealers will mark it up. Every dealers decides how they do business.

The key goal - know IF your dealer is marking up the MF in your deal. And if they do, you adjust your selling price offer down to offset any markup.

If the dealer is marking up the money factor you simply say you would like to do the deal at the buy rate. If she agrees you are done. Many times the salesperson will tell you something like “We always mark up the MF unless you know the owner.” Okay so be it, the dealer wants to build profit into the deal by marking up the MF. You simply calculate the dollar value of the markup and lower your selling price offer by the same amount. Going forward, always negotiate a selling price that is adjusted down for the markup. Net net, you are getting the buy rate MF but you are doing so by getting a lower price.

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@ApexHunt Thanks for the feedback that helps a lot.

Regarding the quote though, you said I posted some line about “if I get $4,000 off w/ base mf then I’ll be where I want my payment”. Where did I do that? Am I missing something.

@824 Awesome info. Thank you for that.

Edited my post. That was my fault…yesterday their was someone asking for assistance on a TRD Camry and I got it mixed up with you. They had that line in one of their posts.

@ApexHunt no worries, i was just super confused lol

Thanks again for your feedback. It’s very helpful.

Ok, so I tried different approaches with different dealers. Some I simply started off asking about selling price and negotiating that way. Others I sent terms of the lease I wanted and didn’t mention selling price at all.

I have a dealer who agreed to this offer I asked for. It’s really the deal I was looking for.

New 2020 Camry SE FWD

Here is a link to the Calculator. (please let me know if I botched anything)

Although we didn’t discuss selling price or MF, my understanding is that if she agreed to the above terms it doesn’t necessarily matter how they tweaked those 2 figures. Am I correct in this line of thinking?

Also, now that she has agreed to my offer, should I take her word that she’ll honor it if I go in? Or should I now ask for a detailed lease agreement(correct verbage?) to look over on my own before going to the dealership?

This looks pretty decent, obviously things would be different for different people/places. But given the current climate and incessant demands for Toyotas this looks pretty decent.

Could you get better pricing, sure, but that is a function of how much time effort and research you put in.

On a side note, I am surprised to see that the residual is 54% I honestly thought I would be higher.

@Lojinxx Just to shake things up and because you’re a nice guy :slight_smile:

Ill do that same deal but on an AWD Camry SE.

$1000 DAS
$299/Month w tax


@Bostoncarconcierge Mike, that sounds like a hell of a deal, brother. I’ll shoot you a private message. Thank you.

I wouldn’t touch an SE in the 3’s!!! That car at most absolutely nothing down and a payment of $265-$285.

cmon, why piss on this deal . I don’t think you can get one under 300 with 0 das, calling bs.

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