Purchased: 2022 Toyota Camry SE TRD-Apprnce. PKG | $395/MN | 7.5k Trade-in | 72 months

Just got this deal done for my GF and wanted to share the info of my deal and dealer info as they were one of the best people I’ve ever worked with.

Vehicle: 2022 Toyota Camry SE w/ TRD Appearance Package
MSRP/Selling Price: 29,659
College Grad Rebate: -$500
Dealer Add-on: +$695
Tax/Title/Doc Fees: +$3,678.75
Sub-Total: $33,532.75

Trade-in of lease: -$7,558.03 equity

Trade in was a 2019 Toyota Camry SE (lease) with payoff of 15.5k and was offered 23k.

Total Loan Amount: $25,974.72

Term: 72 month loan @ 2.99%
Payment with 10.25% tax: $395.02/mn

The new vehicle was pre-contracted and picked-up two days later.

I attached the final contract.

PM if you want contact info of who I worked with at the dealer.


You’ll want to change a couple of the figures you have at the top.

Selling price isn’t $26854 based on the worksheet you attached. Selling price is MSRP ($29659) + $695 dealer mandatory aftermarket.

The $500 “Student Discount” is a college grad rebate.

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Noted. Revised.

Is it actually considered a good deal right now to buy a Camry for $695 over MSRP?


I agree. OP paid well over MSRP, with no discount from the dealer. Also, $7,500 equity… shows $7k? I’d be curious to see what the true equity was there.

Why does a $30k car need a $700 tracking system?

Congrats. Show pics of that TRD appearance pkg.

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It’s relative I guess? TCO won’t be too bad since depreciation, maintenance and fuel are all really reasonable on these.

IDK which is worse

$18,000 Corolla lease
$27,000 330i lease
$64,000 GLS lease

It wasn’t hard for me to not pay a markup on my Toyota Highlander. In hindsight I should have probably asked for some off MSRP. Doc fee was also only $499. I can post the deal if anyone is interested

I don’t think posting MSRP deals is helpful to anyone.

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I didn’t think so either so I didn’t post it

It’s an over MSRP deal and it isn’t even a lease.

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In the end OP will be in a good place – How much can a Camry depreciate? Will come out way ahead in 5 years with a minuscule TCO

The GPS tracking system is the sugar on top

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The quote I posted were estimates, I will update with the actual once I get the final in hand. Also, the tracking system was mandatory and they wouldn’t remove it, although they did discount it $300. Cool thing is it comes with an APP that tracks the car in real time and gives you valuable information about your vehicle (it’s like the Chevy app but for Toyota and it’s a third party).

I think it was worth posting even if it gave only one person on the site some insight. Market is tough, if you are getting Camrys under MSRP, let people know who to talk to. Most dealers I talked to pre-contracted and sold all their vehicles before they even had it delivered to the dealer.

Data is always good :+1:t4:

NTM just yesterday someone wanted opinions on leasing a Corolla at $5,000 over MSRP. Clearly a lot of people have been gaslit into thinking you have to pay well over sticker in this market.

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Post updated with final contract and photos of vehicle.

$695 add and you didn’t even get pin stripes? :frowning:

Hey Andrew! I’d love to see your numbers I’m looking into a Highlander myself

+1 i am also interested Andrew

He posted it. Go up to the top :top: post