Purchase at end of lease - paying "dealer fee" again

My VW lease is ending soon and I want to buy the car. I recently found out that in Florida VW credit cannot just sell me the car for the payoff amount + tax and license on my contract (which is what I was told when I leased it). I have to go to a VW dealer. So yesterday I went to my dealer Gunther VW, and they wanted another $899 dealer fee (I paid that when I leased it), and $299 “electronic filing fee” (in addition to $270 license/title fee) in order for me to buy the car. None of that is specified in my VW credit contract. I called VW credit and they told me they sent a letter out to all the VW dealers in Florida that they should not be adding these fees for end of lease purchases, but they cannot force them to stop. The dealer offered to “negotiate the fees” but I was so annoyed that I walked out of the dealership (where I have bought two VW’s).
My question is has anyone else run into this with a VW in Florida and what did you do? Is anyone aware of a Florida VW dealership that doesn’t do this, because I will drive there to save almost $1,200. I really want to buy this car, as my lease was really great and the payoff is very good.

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Just start emailing dealers. Heck, I don’t know why you’d even have to go in person. Complete the paperwork via fedex.

VW credit is saying that I have to get the car inspected, as they need to make sure it’s ok before they sell it to me. So it seems if I want to buy my lease I am required to be at the mercy of some dealer somewhere.
If I would have been told all of this up front, I would have purchased the car instead of leasing it. It’s exactly like buying someone else’s used car from the dealership, very frustrating.

What about bringing it to a VW dealer out of state?

Maybe it’s a message from the universe that you shouldn’t buy out your lease.


That would be a 12 hour minimum round trip. I doubt he wants that.

I am starting to look at other options… My buyout is almost $3,000 less than NADA retail, otherwise I would just bail.

It’s very rarely a good idea to buy your lease. Have you looked at comparable used cars to see if your residual is fair market value?

Sell it to vroom carvana or carmax, oh and vw’s break allot when the warranty is over, so don’t keep it. It’s not cheaper to keep her on those things.

I’m honestly surprised that vw still has to do that, in Colorado it’s been direct sales forever. I can see the dealer charging something for the hassle but the full makeup doc fee is ridiculous.

What kind of vw is it and what are the details on it?

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Generally agree…but if the difference is under $1k i say it’s worth buying a car that you know is trouble free and was properly maintained in your care as opposed to spinning the roulette on the used lots.


Comparable used cars are $3,000 more than my residual. And I know everyone says this, but my car is in great condition, no accidents or damage, etc.

You have to look at from a cash flow perspective too, if financing it over 5 years makes the payment $400, maybe you can lease something for $250. Without details who knows. Keep in mind that at some point the warranty will end and the dash might light up like a Christmas tree :christmas_tree:. But I assume this one has the longer post diesel gate warranty.


I am also in the same situation as you with my 17’ passat. My car is in great condition and I am better off keeping it. Gunther VW of Fort Lauderdale wanted a $2000 dollar “certification fee” on top of the fees you were presented with. I wonder if we can return the car in a nearby state to avoid this bs. Let’s talk via pm to come up with a strategy.

What was the outcome? I also have a VW lease - Florida and have been considering a buyout even though the residual is somewhat higher than the FMV. Given what is going on with the pandemic, the hassle of either purchasing a new car or getting a new lease, and the great condition of my car- this is an option.
However, like you, when they want to tack on all those additional fees it does not make sense.

Doesn’t Florida have that ridiculous law that the lessor can’t sell the car to you, only a dealer can?

Guess who lobbied for that one?

Anyway, tell them to GTFO. Go buy or lease something else.

PS: Regardless of the great condition of your car, it’s probably not worth its RV.

Any updates on this…Im getting the same bs from the local south Florida VW dealer…they are hitting me with 2k in fees to buy my own car back though the contract says nothing of this whatsoever…and VW credit is its a florida law and they cant do anything…its crazy and wrong…

Hey Larry,

Yeah it sucks. I ended up “buying” mine at Schumacher instead of Gunther. They charged me $500 instead of $995 for the dealer fee. I had to get it inspected/certified for another $995, but that included the VW certified 24/24K bumper to bumper warranty. Which I wanted anyway. Then about $1-300 in various tag fees and other BS dealer profit. There was a $300 charge for re-registration, which seemed like a lot but it was all State of Florida and not the dealer.
So bottom line, since I feel the warranty is worth $995, I figure I paid $800 in dealer fees and profit. If I had to do it again I would have bought the car instead of leasing it initially.

Schumacher was actually good, considering I didn’t lease the car from them and they didn’t have to deal with me at all if they didn’t want to. My salesman was very professional, also considering he couldn’t have made much on the deal and had to do everything he would have with any other sale. PM me if you want his name.

What model year VW was it? From a few years ago until 2019, they came with 6yr/72K warranty from the factory

Charging dealer fee on the purchase at end of lease is pretty much normal these days.

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