Pumpkin Spice Coffee Released Earlier Every Year

Forget climate change, here’s something else to worry about !



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See i got them beat we offer it all year.


I have pumpkin spice syrup saved year to year so I get to have it year round…


I have 0 personal interest in anything :jack_o_lantern: spice (keep your food science chemicals to yourself). As a long shareholder, bring on whatever the drooling masses will buy and I’ll wait behind them to my order my black cold brew. :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

You mean you don’t like ALL of the Spice Girls ?

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This is the content I check the Off-Ramp for. Wonder what happened during that three year period where Starbucks lagged behind. Guess they realized how many sales they were losing to DD.

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We had a DD near us. It closed. Starbucks? They opened another down the next cross street,

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Old Dennis Miller joke:

"This week in my neighborhood they opened up a Starbucks.

Inside of a Starbucks."

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I feel like Starbucks is wildly more popular, but I have more diehard DD friends than Starbucks ones. I personally don’t care - it all tastes the same to me :sweat_smile:

Dunkin Donuts and Wawa. Almost enough to get me to move back to Philly.


Shipping is slow though

I was promised this like 4 weeks ago

They must be slow roasted


You guys need to try Mary Lou’s on the south shore of MA!

This is just like Christmas music being played earlier and earlier every year. Now, it starts right after HALLOWEEN!!! WTF??? Did we forget about Thanksgiving??? Argh. I demand better pacing, f*ck y’all.

Cold brew is a bigger fad than Spiced lattes.

Single origin high grown beans…if you can’t taste the difference in coffee from drive thru shops try a small local shop. Most big chains lie and use cheap robusto beans mixed with Arabica.

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I don’t like ANY of the Spice Girls. I’m all about the Fantanas (and only the originals: Kallie, Lili, Nina, and Raquel).

I was always a fan of “the Starbucks in the bathroom of a Starbucks”

Then you got the joke. :1st_place_medal:

Absolutely - I have a coworker who is a big coffee guy. Sometimes I’ll try his fancy stuff and it tastes completely different. I’m not enough of a coffee enthusiast to seek it out regularly though

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Coffee Bean is better than Starbucks :man_shrugging:

Forget pumpkin coffee. Gimme that pumpkin beer!

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There is a big EV dork I follow on social media who owns a coffee farm in Hawaii, will be launching a monthly subscription service I’m looking forward to. In the past that’s been the best way for me to try new stuff.

Coffee is like wine: worry less about ratings and drink what you like.

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