Problems Getting Dealers to Match Numbers

I am in the Midwest. I have been shopping for a lease on an 2020 330xi with about 4500 miles on it. Worked out a selling price deal on a demo for about 20%. Final price was $42,477 on a 55k sticker. I qualify for $2750 in incentives with loyalty. When they gave me lease payment options they were about $100 per month over what I calculate with the lease hacker. This has happened at few dealerships. And I see via marketplace what other people are getting, but when I try I keep getting the run around. The dealer keeps saying they don’t have those programs to make those numbers work when clearly people are getting them.

Can someone explain the game they are playing?

Monthly payment is an output, not an input.

What are the inputs?

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Are you confirming the MF and taking into account the miles on the RV?

Whats the breakdown?

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No offense, most of the time it’s user error.

Post what you have and we’ll break it down.

My $$$ is strong on you having the wrong fees (doc and registration), them rolling incentives into discount, and you potentially not understanding the difference.

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MSRP: $55,120
Selling Price: $42.477
Sales Tax: $3,311,39
Fees: $629.60 (303.60 doc , $25 filing, $151 reg, $150 title)
Acquisition: $925

Residual: $31,064
MF: .00086

So what do you calculate the lease payment to be? Share a calculator link

This is what they are proposing for lease (see attached image).

This is my calculator:

I think you’re applying the rebates of 2750 in addition to the discount and they’re including it

And are you certain they’re doing .00086 MF?

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I thought that was the case, but even then their numbers are still higher.

Are you in Chicago?

It’s probably the MF

And their fine print about first payment and reg due at delivery

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General area. Can anyone explain the game these dealer play?

Chicago has an additional leasing tax making your general rate closer to 20%.

Games are ways the dealer tries to make money, if you want to make it easier speak to a Chicago area broker, another dealer, or don’t get a car :slight_smile:. I’d look away from leasing if you have a Chicago zip. I’ve heard good things about @ralphsaphony if you want a broker route.

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He told me the money factor was .00086 which is BMWs current MF.

Then ask the dealer how they calculated the payment, or show them your calculation and ask why it doesn’t match up.

We and you are just guessing here.


@JD81 what say you

Let’s go Buffalo?


I’m not in Chicago proper or Crook County.

When I asked why we are so far off he sent me this. I am working with a broker, but I found this and was trying to see what I could get. Apparently not very far. The document he sent was so confusing and I have a degree in Engineering so I would say my math skills are pretty strong!

I’m an engineer too, and the mistake that you’re making is that others (the general public) grasp math.

Nothing on that sheet indicates vehicle selling price (agreed upon value of vehicle), MF (rent charge), or the addition/lack of any dealer adds. If you went into sign you’d likely be surprised at what’s on the contract as opposed to what has been told to you or emailed in bits and pieces.

This is why it’s so important to make your own deal, calculate your own payment and present it to the dealer to accept or not. 95% of Sales guys have no idea how a monthly payment is calculated and 99.9% of the general public doesn’t care.


Only logical explanation is 20% discount but there marking up MF it’s totally fair…but as other have said ask.

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