**PRICE DROP** (New England, NY, NJ) Jaguar F-Type 340 Convertible! MSRP $77K 39m/10k $628 + Tax!



yes if you need to rely on this as a daily in Ann Arbor… not the best 5-6 months out of the year. Many owners of F-types literally put their cars in the garage once the snow starts.

Go for the 7 series


Hopefully Bostoncarconcierge comes with a killer 911 demo deal one day :). The 718 deal was insane. Macans nice as well.


If he does – by the time you see it, it’ll be in my garage :wink:


No pressure :confused: haha

I’d enjoy that

Maybe some LH members will join me in Manchester, VT for a Land Rover day?


No kidding on ground clearance. I’ve left metal in every grocery store turnout in town with exception of Costco, who seem to be the only ones who are situated somewhere with good roads.


i have a deal i was offered that is really killer. I just need to buy the car (if it is still available). Not an ideal time in my life right now… but maybe I could flip it in 1.5 years. I’ll check with the dealer tomorrow. If I do it, I’d definitely join the CT based F-type group on the net and they have a few upcoming drives (May/June)


Lets sell these babies!


Yeah it’s actually been great in the snow, definitely better than expected. More of a clearance issue if anything, but we are going to get snow tires just to be on the safe side.


Damn this is gorgeous. Actually in market for a car like this, but wish it was ~$150 cheaper :frowning:
Would’ve signed all the papers tonight.
Bring those winter/spring F-Type deals back again :pray:


For the silver one or the green?

That silver one is a sliiiickkkk deal


I can’t stand the look of convertible TBH


That green car is perfect isn’t it? Classic British colors and just a lovely combo. I couldn’t agree more.


That’s green? All this time I was thinking that was black. Damn nice car…


British Racing Green

Absolutely classic


Did this get any better this month?


Which car?

Shoot me a PM if seriously interested thanks


Still update your numbers if there is change.


Nice Car… Nice Rims…

Alex is right - we were lucky enough to be able to drive this bad boy.

Back then, they made it 340 HP V6 in this small car.

Turns heads… and those asian rockets wanna race you all the time. :slight_smile:


Price drop! Steal this f type 340 vert!

$1,000/mo and need to replace my car - help me decide!