**PRICE DROP** (New England, NY, NJ) Jaguar F-Type 340 Convertible! MSRP $77K 39m/10k $628 + Tax!



Prob $50 cheaper per month.

I’d take this car over them all day though. Those are 4 cyls


Echoing OP, if you want the F-Type, get the v6. Man those residuals suck now, though


You done good. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


Thank you, sir!


This insanely beautiful and timeless color combo just became available for an awesome price!

Will ship anywhere! Sign remotely :slight_smile:

2019 F Type R Dynamic 380 AWD
$875/month + Tax w upfronts of $2500 due
$98K car
Brand new


Damn the coupe looks gorgeous!


Big time! Almost went to one of the nicest LH members I have met to date, but he decided to go a different direction!


It still breaks my heart that I did not get this beauty. I guess it is a bit hard as the only car in Michigan. Anyone has more experience with F-type as a daily commute car?


Aside from ground clearance it should be wonderful in the snow with some Pirelli Sottozero 3s :slight_smile:


I would get this car in heartbeat but need 4 doors. Great deal.


@Kristina007 Have you guys had your F Type in the snow of MN yet?


I don’t commute but I drive it leisurely about 2-3x a week. I don’t think I’d ever commute in it unless I lived in the burbs (nothing less fun than bumper to bumper in a sports car). And even then, I’d probably commute in a more comfortable car with better infotainment (Jaguar’s kind of sucks).

That being said, it’s a fantastic weekend car. And wonderful for leisurely drives on open road. The body and panoramic roof are beautiful. I don’t know that I’ll ever own another car that drives as well as the F-Type.


Thank you for the reply. I live in Ann Arbor, MI. I can only have one car. My wife has a Jeep GC so I am fine with 2 seats but I would have to drive it every day. As of now, my options are F-type AWD or BMW 750 xDrive.


Thank you Mike. You have been a great help in this.


I’d go with the 7 every day of the week if I had to choose a commuter. I bet OP can find you a good deal on one :blush:


From experience. I can tell you~ that’s a negative on the daily even in nice sunny SoCal smooth roads. I’m a shorter guy and I had the base model~ maybe the seats are better in this package but my back and legs were feeling it after a half hour drive.


They’re really not much better. There’s not much difference between models outside of the engine. Yours is already up? Or did you transfer out?


Ehsan is an incredible guy! He found an awesome deal on a really nice 7 in MI.

Even if we don’t “do a deal” together, it’s been a pleasure to meet him! He’s become a friend!


Transferred out a year ago to a member. They’re loving it. You’ll definitely feel the bumps.


Thanks a lot. I enjoyed working with you, Mike. I am sure we will do a deal together. If not now, soon. You are a friend too.