**PRICE DROP** (New England, NY, NJ) Jaguar F-Type 340 Convertible! MSRP $77K 39m/10k $628 + Tax!



2018 Jaguar F Type Convertible 340HP
Former Executive Car with 6500 Miles
MSRP $77,850
Discount: $24,650
Cap: $53,200
Residual: $36,975

Base Payment: $642
Upfronts and First DAS - Call it $2500 for easy numbers

Sample lease sheet is Michigan 6% Tax

Sorry for the poor pics


Bump! Will ship anywhere in the country!

$25K off!


Something isn’t adding up here. Your lease payment is for a $65k cap cost car, not a $53k. Leasehacker calculator suggests the payment should be several hundred dollars less depending on how you roll the upfronts into the payments or not.


Did you factor in the mileage penalty? Making the residual 47


His last pic of the lease sheet shows a column on the left stating RES 50 - which I am assuming is a 50% residual.

Or am I misunderstanding you?


Yes but there is a mileage penalty in addition to that. If you look at the OP it clearly states that the residual is just shy of 37k, which is less than 50%


Respectfully, if you can find one cheaper, especially a couple hundred less, I urge you to go for it.


That’s completely missing the point. Your numbers aren’t adding up.


I have the lease sheet right here. What more could I show you?

I don’t have access to a desking tool as a broker


Numbers seem to add up fine for me (rough estimates)


What am I missing here? I don’t know registration, doc, or acquisition fees so left those as generic.


Real quick question…

Are you actually interested in the car, or just bored on a Sunday?


Residual is 47% as @nyclife mentioned.

Just divide the residual by the MSRP

Also, drive offs are only $2500


I can tell you that Michael @Bostoncarconcierge is a fair and honest person, i tried to work numbers with him but my budget is really difficult to work with and i ask for cars that probably i can only dream of…:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:. With a really low budget that is almost impossible to work with…:sweat::disappointed_relieved: he tried work something out and show me a few deals, but how i said my budget is super low for the type of cars that i’m looking for…
if you look at the Forum most of his cars are full equipped, with some of the best packages you can find in the market, even PINs, (something that nobody in this forum has being able to replicate.) I have being trying to replicate some of his deals in New York or another states by trying to beat his prices :sweat_smile: and is impossible, most of the dealers they are telling me that they will match his prices, and at the end they give me quotes a little bit higher with lower equipped or lower engine cars… so if you have the budget to get this car, i can tell you that he is a man to work with.


how many times do people have to tell you there’s a mileage penalty and the actual residual is 47.5ish percent?


The 47% makes the numbers closer. Thanks. I’m assuming the docs and other fees make up the last bit of difference I’m seeing ($611 w/ tax vs your $642 w/o tax)

In response to your question I’m just trying to understand where I was wrong in my math. I don’t go into money situations just “trusting” the other party has everything right. I need to understand every component. Very interested in pickup up a lease, but not this one anymore.

Absolutely not my intention to cast doubt on your integrity! Best of luck to you and one last free bump!


Not at all.

I just don’t know what more I could do to demonstrate transparency outside of sharing a lease sheet.


Got anymore of these f-type deals with lower msrp potentially?? This deal is good though.


I do for sure

4 cyl coupe and convertible though


What kind of deals?