Pretty ridiculous that you can't ask for suggestions or how something leases on forum

Nope. I have to travel an hour, then spend another hour at a dealership just to find out if a certain car with a specific package will lease well and be within my budget. If that doesn’t work, on to the next. When I’m sure someone here could provide that information, but since I don’t have deal specifics it’s against the rules to ask. lol. Ironically, once I have the specifics, I wouldn’t need the forum as I would already have the info I need to know if the deal was good or not!

Yes I searched. No data returned on the cars I’m interested in.

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You could try calling and emailing. You don’t need to go anywhere until you sign.

Dude, this isn’t a deal forum. It’s an education forum. It is set up so that you know how to get the idea on “how something leases” without going into the dealership. The idea is that if you invest some time into understanding how leases work, that you can calculate “how something leases” based on the MSRP, reasonable discount, and available money factors/incentives (all of which are readily available on many sites - not this one BECAUSE THIS IS NOT A DEAL FORUM).

If you spent an hour at a dealership, you do not get the point of this forum. No, people are not going to do the legwork for your. You have to dig up the price, money factor, incentives, etc. Then, if you want an opinion, I am sure people will be happy to chime in based on your research.

Try again.


I hate to say it, but the response here can sometimes be a bit abrupt if the collective (or the individual) senses that the original poster has not done “their homework” so to speak. I can only speculate as to the reasons why, but I will posit that it is because those who have “earned” a deal have a feeling of ownership of it (myself included deep down). But, IMO only, although this isn’t a site to “post deals” per se, that is the point that what is trying to be achieved, and I think the site owners realize this (take a look at the new “Deal Huntr” section), as well as the plethora of broker posts which demonstrate as such.

So, although the same questions do tend to get asked over and over, I think as a community we can be better at responding differently. The site will grow faster that way for sure.

But, there is a catch with all of this (and I think this is why some responses may seem terse). If this type of thinking becomes too mainstream, then the concept doesn’t work. At the core of this is the premise that LH’ed deals are only possible because only a few people know how to do it. The other 99% are paying the way for us. So, I think that at some level we all don’t want others to “catch on”.

Just my 2 cents…In my case, if I can help with something ask away.


What cars are you looking for?

Truthfully, sometimes you don’t need to know the deal specifics. Its preferred yes, but not always necessary IMO. With objective data (i.e. the ability to compare your deal with others…that’s the key), HOW a given payment is arrive at is in the end meaningless. On a lease, no matter what anyone says, we are chasing the lowest overall cost for the lease term. The rest is ancillary detail (and of course contributes to the how the total cost is calculated, which is why it is helpful to understand it). It is that simple. If a lease gets there (meaning an excellent overall total cost) with a bigger discount and inflated money factor versus one with the same total lease term cost with base MF, it makes no difference.

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If you have no luck gathering mf and residual for a specific car here go to edmunds. Just google “year make model money factor (or residual) edmunds”. That should get you started. A few emails to a
the internet sales manager will get you the rest of the way, where you can ask a question here and get a reasonable response.


Yes…Edmunds is great for the generic MF/residual questions. Youll usually get a response pretty fast. For many common makes/models, you can also find that info here (especially for BMW since the MF is common across all models at any given time, and so many people lease them that residuals for various terms can be found as well).

That’s my point. There’s no opinion that I need once I have all of the data. At that point anyone should be able to tell if it’s a good deal or not as it’s simple math. Getting the numbers to do the math is the challenge, without going through dealership’s BS to get what you need.

One of the cars I’m interested in is the Camaro 1lt 1le. Residual and MF is not out there. I’m not allowed to ask if someone else may have tried to lease one already and thus knows the numbers.

So, I don’t want anyone to do any work for me. I’m not asking someone to go to a dealership and find out.

All of this. If you are getting a 50000 Bmw 330 for $200 a month 0 DAS do you need to know to know the mf? If it’s marked up are you going to push to get another $3 off per month? If it’s 399 per month and your looking to shave a bit off the monthly sure but at a certain point it just doesn’t matter.

Yeah…I agree that on that car you are not going to find much on this forum. The generic answer is “it doesn’t lease well”. I hate that response, but one way to tell if a car will have a “deal” is by the number of posts here on it. If you don’t see much about the car, then it almost certainly does not have terms available that are attractive to LH’ers. This site has enough folks constantly ferreting out leases that within a day or two of a model becoming attractive to lease, there is already chatter about it.

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Not sure where you are but @chevysalesgirl is very active on here located in CA.


Yup…when the conditions are as such one says “I don’t care” and signs the deal. I am a detail oriented person (and scour the lease contractual details generally speaking), but when the cost is crazy low, I simply don’t care how they got there. I sign it before they change their mind :slight_smile:

Now, after the fact, I always try and reversed engineer the numbers out for my own fun (and simply because I cant help myself).

Id guess hundreds of us signed Toyota Tacoma leases earlier this year with the MF jacked to the max. And we signed happily.

Is it though? And if it is, should it be? The deal…is part of the education. That’s how we know what is possible and how to propose the deal. It sheds light on the factors that go into leasing a certain vehicle. It’s that collaborative effort that made this forum what it is. It’s still an informative forum…but becoming more of a social forum.

OP is spot on here. Enough over-regulating of new threads. Stop locking threads unless there’s some incredibly compelling reason to do so. Let there be a continued discourse. No one is forced to read any particular thread…but others may find the continued discussion to be of some benefit. Let the users decide when the discussion is over.

The MF and RV are out there for both cars if you do some research. That same research will also show you that cars like this and for that matter Camaro’s in general lease horribly.

I have to agree, there are several Chevy brokers / dealers on here that are very willing to help and answer questions. Trish (@chevysalesgirl) will almost certainly help you understand the MF/RV for your zipcode if you PM her. But I can’t believe that the guys over at edmunds can’t provide the info if you asked them.

If you searched you would have seen countless brokers posting their offers. In one broker thread you can clearly see what leases well. End of story.

yall summoned?
PM works best for out of towners. 1LE track pkg is fun :ok_hand:t2: