Pretty ridiculous that you can't ask for suggestions or how something leases on forum

Camaro leases suck, the payment will be about the same as financing.

Reading this post, I’m left with two impressions: you have a misunderstanding of how leases work and you have a misunderstanding of the knowledge that is needed to get a good deal. These are both things that are resolved by spending time reading and learning so you know the right questions to ask. I could be wrong, but that’s the impression your posts have left with me.

RV/MF/Incentives vary by model, by month, by geographical area and based on what you personally qualify. If you want to accurately evaluate a deal, you need to know what they are for the model you want, in your area, this month. You’re very unlikely to find that here, particularly for less common cars. Edmunds is a fantastic resource for that information because they have ready access to it. Starting with that information is the foundation to evaluating the deal. These numbers are not difficult to get. It’ll take you 5 minutes to post on edmunds, and yah, you may need to wait a little bit for them to respond. I would further posit that the last place you should be trying to get these numbers from is the dealership. They are highly motivated to provide you with inflated MF and to bake incentives into their discount so they appear to be giving a better deal.

The next part is the part where you turn a good deal into a great deal and that’s the pre-incentive discount. LH is a much better resource than most for helping to establish that value, and no one here is going to turn you away by saying “this is the MF/RV/etc for this vehicle and I think 10% is a reasonable discount, what do you all think in your experience.” That requires you to have established the information that is unique to you and showing up demonstrating an understanding of how a lease works.


Knowing the MF and pushing it down are two different things. I have no qualms with paying an inflated MF IF I’m getting a larger discount as a result. The only way to know if that’s happening is to know the details of the lease.

I don’t think there is a hard rule what you can or you cannot ask. Rather, community expects people bring the deal to a point by making their own research in which the poster will eventually will benefit from. As soon as people sense poster is lazy and expects others do the legwork for him, he will be called out.

A stock young female’s picture helps to get multiple users’ advices and unsolicited suggestions.


Edmunds pays for and has access to that very expensive information. They will 100% have it.

The reason nobody has it here is:

  1. GM numbers shift based on trim. Someone leasing a 1LT can’t help you if you’re looking at a 2SS, or vice versa. Asking here just clutters the forum with useless posts, pissing off people that actually want to look for relevant information.

  2. The cost to get those numbers each and every month is in the thousands of dollars. It’s not in the budget here

  3. Camaros are fun cars…terrible leases. There’s a reason you don’t see them here often, if ever

  4. Why recreate the wheel when the info you are looking for is elsewhere.

Simply asking for numbers here without doing the legwork is off putting for the hundreds of people that actually did, making you look like you want things spoonfed to you. Whether that was your intention or not, that’s how it comes across. Thus the reason for pushback.


@JayA86 what do you recommend we do here?

I know exactly what you mean. People on this site can be super pretentious. That being said, there are a few truly helpful people on here. Over the past couple years, I have gotten 2 unicorn deals thanks to information I’ve gathered from this site (I never got around to posting them tho). Sorry about your experience. Try to ignore the a-holes.

This tells us a lot of what we need to know about the time spent here on LH and level of activity. I don’t see where OP open and threads that were shutdown, or heavily criticized etc, seems like he’s complaining when he hasn’t spent time interacting w/ the community.

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Please share your link where you requested this info on Edmunds, and their reply saying its not available.

  1. GM incentives vary wildly by region/zip. We don’t have access to GMF numbers anymore. You can check autobytel for incentives and Edmunds for MF/RV. Or just ask a local dealer, GM dealers have always been straight with me when it comes to incentives.
  2. This is not a leasing numbers forum. it is a forum dedicated to the art of leasing a car. If you want to make a great meal, you need to have all the ingredients and the recipe.

I’m not entirely sure what OP is asking about but I’m guessing it’s a locked/unlisted request for MF/RV? I’m sorry but we can’t help with those.

Surprised this was left open, post on edmunds for numbers before complaining about this forum