Preferred Chicagoland BMW Dealer?

I searched and didnt find a recent post, so forgive me if I am at the wrong spot.

I am looking for a lease on a BMW SAV (X2, X3, or X1) and I don’t have time to haggle with a zillion dealers. Is there a dealer in the Chicago area that anyone has had really good experiences with? Or with needing a car within the next week, should I just go to a broker?


Talk to @ralphsaphony, fascistic broker in the Chicago area


I even googled “fascistic” to make sure it was in fact a typo.

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Freudian slip?

I’ll leave it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Any luck finding a broker? I’m also in the market.

I spoke with @ralphsaphony , but from what he said, it sounds like a lot of the dealers in the area arent really willing to deal.

I had to get one shipped at the beginning of the year. I tried working with about 6 different dealers in the area and none of them were willing to even give a decent price let alone a hackr deal.


Just curious, where did you get yours shipped from? If you can share what car you got etc. Please do

I got a '17 330xi loaner shipped from PA. msrp $52k, $1500 das, $336 a month.


Joe Perillo

How much did they charge you to ship it? I’m in Milwaukee and currently hashing out a deal with Motorworks in Barrington for a custom BMW X4 but they are being pokey. I really don’t want to wait 4-6 weeks, and I see a dealer in Austin that has one with everything I want in it.

I can tell you who not to use: Bill Jacobs. I tried to lease a 330e from them about a year ago and they seemed to care more that someone (me) should not be able to lease a 330e for ~$250/month or less than making a deal.

In short, their price to purchase the car was $41k (with no incentives - using 0% financing). There was a $6000 iPerformance rebate at the time. But if I wanted to lease, the price after incentives was $38k. They never gave any explanation as to how 41-6 = 38, even after a lot of back and forth, just that that was the best they could do on a lease. But, I could buy at $41k and 0% for 60 months. They were going to make (or lose) the same amount of money but I think when they went to punch the numbers and it came out to under $250 a month they decided they were too prideful to lease a $52k car for such a low monthly payment.

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Counterpoint: I leased my 540i from Bill Jacobs last February. I live in MN, and negotiated everything via email. I flew down, they picked me up at the airport, and I drove the car back. Whole process was quite painless. Here’s my deal thread:

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Hey I’m in Milwaukee too. I take it you tried all the local dealerships with no luck? Let me know if you find anything!

I looked back through my emails, and the best they could do was $426/mo for a $52k 330e, which is a pretty comparable deal to a $507 a month payment for a $64k car. So while both deals are actually pretty good as far as payment vs. MSRP, the bait and switch tactic remains.

Perhaps it’s an okay place to go for a fairly good deal, but they certainly didn’t want to give me a crazy deal (even though I literally only wanted them to apply a lease incentive to their advertised price, which again included no incentives).

I think the shipping charge was supposed to be $700 but because there was a misunderstanding with the paperwork, I didn’t get charged for it.
For me, motorwerks was the most painful to deal with back then.

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Thanks, I ended up Custom ordering from Patrick BMW in Schaumburg. Motorwerks was being very difficult and they weren’t returning my calls and texts. Patrick BMW was way off the first time I went to them but I showed them Motorwerks deal and they said they they could beat it. Now I get to wait for the production process to play out.

I thought Barrington was fine. Took them a few weeks of the car sitting on the lot for them to come around, but otherwise the process was fine. I told them the sale price for the lease I wanted. They initially said no way and I followed up with them once a week until they agreed. So keep pestering them if you see something in their inventory that you like and that doesn’t move.

My deal:

well i got an offer for $360/mo and $950 DAS from International in MKE for a 320ix loaner. It’s an ok deal but not great. Might not be worth driving a few hours to save a couple hundred.