Prediction that other EV manufacturers will react to Tesla price cuts

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Win some you lose some! Was red when I initially posted and then went green.

Cults hard to end

Tesla stock popped off today, up another 10.95% for the day.

Lol worst case fears subside. Okie doke well load up and good luck

Looks like polestar joined the party and are also passing the 7500 credit on their leases :smirk:


Any info on how they’re applying ? CCR or residual?

Is anyone still buying Polestars post Tesla price cut?

Surely no one hates Musk that much!


They dont show how it is applied, but payments are under 7 with TTL only

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Maybe I know what I’m talking about:


And so continues the EV pricing wars…and so goes the Mach E flip game.

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They had to do something, and one by one the dominos will fall.

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Yet Ford dealers still blessing…

Takes time for blessings to go away

Meanwhile Audi removes heat pump in Q4 and only credits $1k for buyers that have pending orders.

Waiting for Rivian to follow suit with the R1S :laughing:

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6%, 6%, half of target on output…

Gonna be hard to get that trunk cash when there is no trunk and no cash.


@DailyDriven Great article! I had no idea Rivian was planning to burn investor cash until 2030. That seems like a long time when viewed through current circumstances (inflation, tax credit, demand, competition, initial quality issues). I haven’t looked at the financials but one could only suspect new share offerings will be needed to support the burn rate of cash; which will likely keep downward pressure on the share price.

They’ll need to strategize a way to capture some of that EV incentive, but if you order a R1T today it says don’t expect delivery until 2024.

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If you’re in the market for a vehicle from a manufacturer riding the wave to bankruptcy, I’ve got a sweet deal for you!

In all seriousness, their business plan doesn’t feel very sound as of now, imo.

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FORD EV is not doing any better. They Just released their quarterly financials and stated they executed poorly, particularly in EV production.

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