Pre-Negotiated Deals are back!

We are bringing back our signature program – Pre-Negotiated Deals – to our readers!

While the forum is a passionate community with a wealth of knowledge and resources, we have learned that not everyone has the time and patience to “hack” a lease or navigate the Marketplace. The Pre-Negotiated Deals program is designed for those who want to put in minimal effort but walk away knowing they got a fair deal from sellers our community trusts.

Learn more about the program here. Let your friends and colleagues know about Pre-Negotiated Deals if hacking a lease is not their cup of tea.

The Leasehackr Team


Fyi, 1XXX is a useless number for a per month cost. Is it 1001? Is it 1999?

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Click on unlock price and it will email you a link that will then take you to the unlocked price where it will show you the payment.

The design looks nice! Congrats on the launch.

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How do fees work on this :thinking::thinking:


Is most likely.

I don’t get it.
Faze Adapt Idk GIF by FaZe Clan

No one does this for love.

If you’re not paying a business or broker a fee directly to be connected with a selling dealer then the dealer is paying for your referral out of their end. This is commonly referred to as a bird dog.


So what Aronchi does ? :slightly_smiling_face:


to be fair to the kid i didn’t know what you were going for either. kind of looks like a dove.


It’s what came up when searching for bird emoji. :eyes:

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Is this the first time you’ve agreeded with someone on LH :eyes::eyes::flushed:


@HN308 once did lol :kissing_heart:


Was even promoted to Trusted because of that

Mike is correct about it as I just did it to help the community out. I learned the business effectively from this site and the people here while I tried to be of little help to others. Most people appreciated it but not all the brokers which we had very few back then and one could broker for no cost to them in those days.

I get why other brokers didn’t like me giving away cars back then and would like to thank them all for converting me to a paid broker and leveling the playing field.

With that said, I have done Pre-Negotiated deals the last time it was active and would still charge a flat fee to customers and never got a Bird from the dealer.

Back then there were no lease returns with equity or at least I was not smart enough to know about it so all I cared for was a fixed fee and my dealer would care about making a sale for a set number of units at an agreed-upon discount.



Hi! I’m a Sales Manager at a Florida VW dealership and I’d like to get some more info on how we could offer our deals on LeaseHackr and partner with you.

Who should I get in contact with?


Tagging @littleviolette @michael for you.

I’ll take a Golf R at MSRP, kthxbye! :wink:

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Reached out on several brands and awaiting a reply.

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