Potential lease deal ‘24 Jeep wrangler Willy’s


So I have asked to have the selling price to be $59k but they say they can’t because the cap cost cannot be less than the Residual value. Here are the numbers and we can’t sell it for 59k with the rebates it doesn’t work. however I did a little better than the last time.

MSRP: $61240.00
Selling Price: $60,000.00
Rebate: $14500.00
Gov Fees: $128.00
Doc Fees: $399.00
Capitalized Taxes: $365.58
Gross Cap Cost: $61687.59
Cash Cap Reduction: $7159.33
Cap Cost Reduction: $21659.33
Adjusted Cap Cost: $40028.26
Paid by Customer: $7500.00

36 Month Lease 12k miles a year
1st payment due at signing: $570-580
$5000 down: $423-$433
$7500 down: $341-$351


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