24 Jeep wrangler 4xe in Vermont

So I have a Willys with an MSRP of 61240 and they will lease to me for 59.5k with 13k in rebates. I had a 1k private offer that I just told them about and they said it was already baked in. We do have a current Jeep lease so I think with that and private offer I should be show to get 14k in rebates? Anyone else know?

Theres no loyalty on wrangler leases currently

when I pull up the details for the CCAP Lease Loyalty Bonus Cash (39CP5) it states : "Disclaimer: Customers who currently have a qualifying Stellantis vehicle listed below, or who have had a contract expire within the last 365 calendar days of the program start date ".

The dealership says my current Jeep lease isn’t up for 18 months so I don’t qualify. I don’t see that listed as part of the details.

So if the lease was up in the last 365 days you also qualify. It doesn’t say your lease has to be coming up in the next 365 days. It seems strange they would offer to anyone whose lease ran out in the last year but not all current lease holders.

"Disclaimer: Customers who currently have a qualifying Stellantis vehicle listed below, OR who have had a contract expire within the last 365 calendar days of the program start date ".

Yeah…I have one but the dealership says I don’t qualify because my lease is up in 18 months.

SFS not CCAP ^

There is actually 2 codes almost exactly the same one is if you lease through ccap and the the other if you leased through Stellantis. They have they same wording and the codes are only off by one digit. Still don’t see how it doesn’t qualify.

I tend to agree with your interpretation of the rules. That’s not how I’ve heard brokers rephrase it, but when I read the text directly it says… You have a current lease at least 30 days old, or you ended a lease within 365 days ago.

I hope you don’t mind me asking a related question. My leased 6-month-old Grand Cherokee 4XE got totaled thanks to my ex. Yippee. (Sarcasm). So they checked and it qualifies for lease loyalty. However, I don’t have access to the actual stipulations or I haven’t found it yet online. Somebody said I only have 30 days to get a replacement in order to qualify for lease loyalty because it is a totaled car. Is that true?

Also, if that is true and the 30 days stipulation must be respected, is that based on purchase date or what if I order a Wrangler from the factory within 30 days but it shows up, let’s say 90 days from now?

So I have asked to have the selling price to be $59k but they say they can’t because the cap cost cannot be less than the Residual value. Here are the numbers and we can’t sell it for 59k with the rebates it doesn’t work. however I did a little better than the last time.

MSRP: $61240.00
Selling Price: $60,000.00
Rebate: $14500.00
Gov Fees: $128.00
Doc Fees: $399.00
Capitalized Taxes: $365.58
Gross Cap Cost: $61687.59
Cash Cap Reduction: $7159.33
Cap Cost Reduction: $21659.33
Adjusted Cap Cost: $40028.26
Paid by Customer: $7500.00

36 Month Lease 12k miles a year
1st payment due at signing: $570-580
$5000 down: $423-$433
$7500 down: $341-$351


BAD deal. Brokers and other dealers are offering 8-10% off sticker before rebates. you might need to ship but you’d more than make up the shipping costs with the discounts. Check the marketplace and/or shop harder around your area.

Here’s a 60k 24 4xe Sahara I just signed on a week ago to show you it can be done.

The dealer you’re working with may also be using an inflated residual leasing company. Stellantis Financial or Chrysler Capital may be better if that’s not who they’re using.

I also assume they are lying and they could reduce price more?

They can definitely reduce the price more.

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You also need to know what models and trims have the best programs.

There’s more to lease hacking than just discount

Harry nice deal. I can’t figure out though how you had 16K incentives AFTER the discount?

Some regions have better incentives than others.

1k discount code carb and other rebates for being here in MA.