Possible discount on 2022 BMW X7

I am in the market to purchase/lease BMW X7. I live in Northern California. There are lot of X7’s in dealers lot. I haven’t been to any dealership yet. But in online I was able to get $7500 of MSRP for a $90k X7. Is this the best possible deal or can push more when I got the dealer.

That’s more than 8% off MSRP.

I would recommend checking out broker deals to see what type of the deals they have. However, if I were in your shoes and a dealer offered me 8% off MSRP on a BMW that is on the lot, I would take it.

You mean the dealer website shows $7500 off MSRP or did you negotiate to that from online. Is the car a demo/loaner. Seems like a great discount in this market.

What is the full deal they are offering you? I don’t now if $7.5K off on an X7 is common (I imagine it is not). If not, they are likely making it up on the MF…

It’s a new X7. It’s an online quote dealer email to me for purchase.

check for ADMs, warranties, rate mark-ups etc…

I noticed that a dealer here at North Cal had 10+ X7s in inventory.
It’s like they got send a truck load or two of X7s.
With the 2023 model coming, I would think the X7 to start getting incentives to move off the lot.

Blew out a couple last month but with 2023 allocations as slim as they are some folks on waitlist are opting to take a 2022 now for a decent discount (4-5%)

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There about 100• X7’s in Northern California dealers lot. I never seen that many X7’s in the past. I don’t know the reason. I think buyer can expect decent discount. Based on my search, I think 9% to10% discount is achievable.

As a one off deal on a roach build (low options) sure. I know because we did one last month (8.5% off) to get it off the books before allocation snapshot for LCI .

Still got boned on LCI allocations with a grand total of 7 which went straight to fill order bank/waitlist. :cold_face:

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haha roach build- first time hearing that, i can actually visualize that lol

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Dealers should really charge massive ADMs on the 22’s given how incredibly fugly the 2023 X7s are…

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@Clutch got you.

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Got a beautiful X7 M50 I at 6k off + rebates!!!


What options what you consider a must for the 2022 X7? Premium, parking assist, cold weather?

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Thanks for the input. I purchased an X7 2 weeks ago. I was able to get 9% off of MSRP. The suv is not fully loaded but had premium, driver assistance professional, upgraded leather, parking assist packages. I don’t like M Sport package, I think it’s not worth for the money.


Congrats on the new ride. Be sure to add yours to the “Signed!” database here on LH.

Nice work. We’ve only gone that deep on some seriously base builds.

JAYSUS. just googled it :see_no_evil:

Really like the old look too. Maybe it will be a grower