Positive equity and replacement options in the current market

Got about 11 months left on current 2019 Kia Sorento LX AWD lease that I’m paying $329 a month ($0 due at signing) for right now. Carvana’s most recent offer puts me at $6k in positive equity but I’d need to replace it with something similar vehicle wise – i.e. third-row – and hoping to keep payments relatively the same. Obviously not a lot of good lease options in our current state of affairs unless I’m just not seeing them.

So I ask the brain trust, what say you? Ride it out to closer to lease end and see what deals come up? Cash out and put that extra $6k towards that used (and already depreciated!) Toyota Sequoia I’ve had my eye on despite inflated used car prices?

I’m not dead set on leasing again. It’s just been the best way to accommodate my wife’s preference for a newer car with my preference for a good deal/lower payment reward for knowing enough about how to work the system and take the time to do so.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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I’m going to try to combine multiple threads into this same topic. @trusted_hackrs , please feel free to move any similar questions/topics here. Seems like we keep getting this same question daily and it is always a new thread.


Edit: Bought out the Jetta, just waiting for the title to arrive
Please offer your opinion on what I should do.
We have nice positive equity (around $5k) on our 2019 Jetta selling to Carvana or Enterprise.
The Jetta lease was $200/month / 36 months / 10k miles / $750 drive off
I can’t find any comparable lease deals, but we can lease another Jetta for $50 more a month ($250/month) which would be $1800 over the course of the 36 month lease.

Should I wait till later this year when 2022 models are more in stock and maybe better deals will be available? It’s likely the longer we wait the less positive equity we will have, while putting more miles on the Jetta.

Tough call. Please offer advice/opinion
Thank you

Personally, I would take the $5,000 now and get another Jetta. $250 isn’t bad if it is $0 down. My opinion is the used market has peaked, but just my guess.


Have you received a 3rd party dealer payoff from VW credit? My brother in law has a Jetta lease with VW Credit and he was told that only a VW dealer can buy it. You may have to buy it first and than try to sell it.

This is simple math. $5k - 1800 = 3200. If things got back to normal and you are able to find a deal for 200/month, you would lose your $5k equity and your 3200 profit would disappear.

You have to sell to a VW or Audi dealer. VW “sells” the car to a third party based on current market value plus remaining payment. I tried doing this with my wife’s but ended up owing money. Took it to VW dealer and walked away with $2800.

I am currently in a vehicle lease until March 2022 and have the option of extending my lease until September of that same year (Chase bank). When I got into the lease originally back in 2019, I was able to negotiate roughly $7000 off MSRP (on a vehicle brand that tends to be difficult to negotiate). The vehicle today (to Vroom — which was the highest quote I received) is $55,000 which gives me $9,000 in equity after payoff (so really $7000 of that is what I saved on the original negotiation). I do not have another vehicle or I would just pocket the gain and call it a day.

While it is likely that the market will improve (especially with the new rules around 3rd-party selling — sounds like the wholesale market is starting to stabilize a little), since i am assuming nobody knows with a high degree of certainty what the new car market is going to look like then ( as well as equity of my current car — could be a wash — I could still make out ahead), I am pondering what the absolute best financial call here (given the variables and unknowns).

I do have a proposal on another vehicle for roughly 7.5% off MSRP although the MSRP is quite a bit higher than even the price I paid for my original vehicle (just a completely different car) — thus my monthly is going to be higher. The residual is not amazing but the MF is buy rate. I was able to negotiate on another but only $1500 off (which is still better than what a lot of others are charging — over MSRP or MSRP) but not as great as the first offer.

If it matters the vehicles we are talking about (current and proposed), I am happy to share. Just trying to look at this purely from a financial perspective. My lean right now is to stay in my current lease and hope that I can make out better in early 2022 (I believe I would have to sell or extend 60 days before my lease is up — so that only gives me until Jan to make a call — not sure enough changes between now and then — inventory could be worse). I would rather not buy my current car out as I then have to pay taxes on a vehicle that only have another 12 months under warranty on a notoriously unreliable brand.


While looking into leases again compared to 2-3 years ago on the site and without stating the obvious, it’s hard to find a good deal. My preferred brands Toyota and Lexus just seem so over priced. I’m thinking of taking a better deal over overpaying in the current market but I have no clue what is a good deal for other brands. Anyone have any insight on some of the better value deals out right now? No limit on amount monthlu, just actual value in a over inflated market. Based out of SoCal.

You know you want a wrangler 4xe.


Unless you like Wranglers, I haven’t seen an interesting deal in 3 months. Managed to get a very cheap Tacoma in April, and save for maybe the TLX at ~$370 with conquest in FL I haven’t been tempted by anything since.


I just signed the TLX for 399 a month. Decent deal

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Good deal was always a relative term😂
Times changed so is a definition of a good deal. These days getting one at MSRP seems to be going deal which is better than marked up to “market conditions” and thrown “pink tore air” to feel :blush:

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Acura TLX…




as far as luxury goes, I think Volvo and Audi with costco rebates are about the best I’ve seen for a while.

I managed a decent deal on my volvo… old lease was up not much to do…

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There are not currently any Audi incentives with Costco (although that may change in August)

There was a few months ago.

…until the $80/mo Ioniq came along. This virus seriously messed this market up…it may not recover until next year.

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Some credible industry forecasting puts it between summer 2022 and end of year 2023. So that’s a fair bet!