Porsche Macan Loaner, $543/mo effective, one pay ~70k MSRP

so did anything change on the loaner support this month?

Following up on this. I went to my local apr dealer today and unfortunately there is no stage 1 tune available yet for the 22 base macan. They sent out my car details to apr who will work on a pour over or create a new build.

The 2.0 turbo is great after fourth gear and the PDK handles curvy roads flawlessly. Needs a little more hp/torque down low which I hope the tune will provide.

Was pulling off the wburg bridge onto the BQE in sport/manual second gear, felt like I was in the pit lane waiting to exit… it is a fun little car to drive

Try softronics. They are a smaller brand, but they custom design the tune for your engine and you install it at home.


In case anyone is wondering-

There is a 2 month window where these can be transferred (lease assumption).

A porsche cannot be transferred until it is in possession for 4 months. It also cannot be transferred in the final 6 months.


You just sent all the recent signers on these scampering to look at their calendars.


NYC resident I see. Beware of those bqe potholes :slight_smile:


Considering most of these were all signed in Jan/Feb, wouldn’t be surpised if alot popped up in the private transfers section come May/June, especially the folks paying over $800+ pm on these.

Is this deal still around

Spoke to Softronics, nothing for SIMOS 19.3 yet, like @hashone, I also spoke to APR who doesn’t have anything.

It seems like the only option truly for the '22 is the Group 16 JB4.

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I am actually really enjoying this car (a lot more than my 2018, which the tech made me hate with a passion), highly doubtful I will transfer. I may or may not have arranged something with my selling dealer and may or may not have another one coming to replace this one that may or may not be a loaner car again. Maybe (or not) :rofl:


Any Macan loaner left?

I love this website


I have one I haven’t picked up yet. I can transfer to you

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I’ll take 1 $500 macan loaner please.


Username checks out


Also interested :rofl:

And the Macan thread finally bumped back to the top!

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If there is one left i will take it !

Interested. Still available ?