Porsche Macan Lease thoughts

Hi there, just wanting to get some extra thoughts and opinions on a 2020 Porsche Macan base lease deal I was presented. It’s got a few more specs than an entry level one, hence the high MSRP. It seems pretty in line with what the numbers add up to from official Porsche website current offer, but happy to hear any opinions if that stinks also. Hopefully this cut and paste of the calculator works so you can see, but I’ll also put that info here. Thanks for any advice.

MSRP $64,040
Sales price $59,000
MF: 0.00220
Residual: 61%
10K/36 mo: $858 / month including monthly tax

I’m no expert but $858/mo for a 64k MSRP doesn’t pass the smell test


What state or region is this for? Did you confirm MF / RV on Edmunds?

What incentives, if any, do you qualify for? I agree that payment seems high (~$150-200/mo) depending on region.

If you want people to weigh in, you need more info up front. Good Luck.

900 a month opens up a lot of possibilities. If this is still the car you want then confirm the MF is base and work the discount.

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Oh yes, apologies. In California, Los Angeles.

I did looked on Edmunds, there was nothing exactly specific to my inquiry, but most had MF of .00200 on there. The one I stated in original post was what the dealer offered.

I will also see what Edmunds say. Thanks already.

Hello again. Edmunds confirmed a MF of .00200, so I guess dealer can do a little better there, but it’s really not all that much.

The heart is definitely set on the Porsche, I guess I’m just trying to gage if it’s just me getting a raw deal, or this is just Porsche prices and such is life. (then it’s not a raw deal, and it’s an enjoyable car and life)

Doing the “Edmunds Deal” payment estimator on the exact vehicle I want comes out at a higher price. Is that meant to make me feel warm and fuzzy, or are those things a ruse also?

again, appreciate the help on this.

Porsche doesn’t give away its cars (no incentives whatsoever even if you leased from them 210 times before), miracles happen but they’re few and far between. There was a broker here recently advertising base (by base he meant your average Camry is better optioned) loaner Macans going for high 400s.

In the end if you want to pay the big bucks just to drive a bare bones 4 cyl. with a Porsche badge it’s up to you, but know you can score much much better cars for the payment you’ve been quoted (marked up MF btw).

The common consensus with Porsche is that you’ll have to pay to play, and you usually don’t see more than 5-10% off MSRP. Best bet is to purchase/finance and consider CPO too.
Good luck!

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Porsche vehicles coupled with very high MF’s and no dealer discount or manufacturer lease incentives makes for very unattractive leases.

You said your heart was set on Porsche and unfortunately you’l be looking at high 700’s to 900’s for any Macan unless you can find a dealer willing to give you a good discount.

This is just a matter of shopping deals around and taking the best deal offered.

I don’t think we’ll be seeing the base Macan deals in the 500’s/400’s anytime soon again.

Your discount is pretty decent but the MF is marked up slightly, thats costing you about $1k over the lease term vs. if the deal was at base MF.

On most Porsche’s a 10% discount at base MF would be considered a good (to great) deal, depending on the model.

Also, get the 39 and 42 mo. residuals from Edmunds and run those numbers as well, many Porsche’s lease better at those terms. I worked a Cayenne deal in May and 42 mo. was definitely the sweet spot.

Porsche runs a pretty standard pull ahead program so even if you do a 42 mo. you’ll still most likely be able to roll out of the car 6-8 mos. early if you wanted.

Get your heart unset on porsche and get a much better vehicle for cheaper or an equivalent vehicle for cheaper. Or in normal circumstances I’d say just buy a CPO Macan S but the used car market is crazy right now.

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Don’t bother with that. The only useful info on Edmunds is what they tell you when they respond to your forum post asking for MF/RV/incentives.

This does not help OP’s situation as they clearly stated they were interested in Porsche. Also, “better” vehicle is subjective as I happen to think there aren’t better vehicles in its segment.

OP will have to be ready to spend money to get what they want.

Lease a service loaner.

Here is another way to buy a Porsche


I’m almost convinced that buying and selling after 3 years will be the cheaper way and you have more flexibility, 5+% interest rate is killing the deal. Downside is of course your cash is tied up.

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Don’t fault this guy. With their prices they are scamming us :smile:


Check the Macan Forums. I was on there a while back and people were throwing out some contacts who could get 10% off a Macan or Macan S that was sitting on the lot. I got 10% off mine when I purchased it in 2017. If you’re dead set on leasing and want a good deal I would go for a retired service loaner or you can buy mine if you want it :slight_smile:

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I am getting a lease offer from dealer (California) on 2020 Porsche Macan S with platinum plus package (MSRP $75000.00). $918/month with DAS $2500, 36/10, 0 MSD, MF=.00200
Needs your opinion before accepting it.

I’d just buy over lease for Porsches. They hold their value pretty well (even Macans) so you should come out ahead