Porsche Macan Base 2019 numbers



First poster here, hello all!

So , I know Porsche’s dont lease well , no surprise.

Taking the high money factor into account, will someone please rate this deal.

2019 Base Macan
58,000 MSRP
Sale price: 54,000 (7% off MSRP)
36 month 12,000 mile lease
Residual @ 60 %
Money factor : .00290 (sigh, i know i know)
Monthly payment: $847.00
Due up front:
3309.00 (see below)

  • 847 first month payment
  • 128.00 tax on cap cost red
  • 995 bank fee
  • 699 dealer fee
  • 500 tag fee
  • 129 title fee


yikes…don’t do it or ask @Bostoncarconcierge what he thinks. Discount even on the Macan should be higher

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Thx man! I can do 10% off


I would go for an Audi SQ5 for significantly less, and has more standard kit, more hp, etc. Even the BMW X3 M40i and Merc GLC43 will in most cases be less than this.


It’s been mentioned before, if you want this car, buy it, the lease is stupid.


@Bostoncarconcierge can you do deals in Florida. I’m looking into the Macan


Yep! Macan deals aren’t amazing right now

All dealers should do 10% on a base car


What’s the max discount on a lightly spec S?


At this MF, you should not lease. CUs and banks are offering half this rate


Am I crazy, or does Porsche have a pretty great CPO program? Given the crappy leasing terms, I think I would finance a CPO…

*I say that, but I am so excited for the Taycan that I am already thinking about how to convince my wife to get one in two years when our BMW is due to be returned.


It definitely seems that way, but Im set on the new Macan 2019… maybe once in three years ill trade it in for a CPO new 911 :blush:


Porsches hold their value very well. Financing 51k (54k sales price - 3k down you were already going to do) @ 60 months is ~$900/mo. So not much more to just buy the damn thing, and then sell it in 3 years so it will end up being way cheaper.


After reading all your posts ive realized thats what I will probably end up doing. Anyone know how Porsche finance offers compare to say PenFed rates? It seems like they dont post their rates online



For sure! If you haven’t already, you should confirm the 3-year resale value of a similarly equipped Macan and do some calculations yourself to make sure it makes sense.


Me and aj are on the same page. These base macans, whether purchased or leased, make no sense.

$900/mo for a 250hp 4 cyl suv is beyond ridiculous.

At least get an S. Or like aj said, an sq5 or x3m40i.


It isn’t $900/mo if you purchase it though.

Porsches keep their value really well. We’re talking 65%+ actual residual value. If he purchases the car and then drives it for 3 years / 10k miles a year just like a lease and then sells it after 36 months, his effective out of pocket could be ~$450/mo. Could potentially be even less.


There will be some uncertainty about these, because the next generation of Macans will be EV. Whether this raises the residual of the current version or lowers it, I don’t know…


This is the refreshed model? I thought they’re not out yet.


But if it’s involved in any kind of accident it will make it harder to get out of negative equity especially the longer you finance it. That’s the rub though with the Porsche residuals, they’re artificially low so financing it is almost always the better choice but the accident risk is a factor.


Attempted contacting @Bostoncarconcierge after he said to contact him on Monday. After multiple attempts, he never answered. Called him a second time from my office and he did answer then hung up. Ive been on the hunt for this Macan over three months now. Been to multiple dealers and know the cars specs and options front and back. I have negotiated with multiple Porsche Dealers and some reputable brokers that ive dealt with in the past in the Florida area and New York, some in person. The most any of those brokers could get me was 7 % off MSRP.

10 % off is accurate, but for only 2018 models. Ended up ordering straight through the dealership with 7 % off a special order.

I understand that car brokers are busy, but so am I, and so are you. If someone tells me to call him on a certain date, when Im actually trying to do serious business, then Id rather pay the extra 3 % then have to be calling someone whos either not going to answer, or hang up the phone when you do. Oh, and never a reply on Leasehackr when I told him I called him.

Thank you all for your assistance.