Porsche Macan Base 2019 numbers



My apologies-I don’t recall any phone calls where I hung up on anyone. I have poor service at my house so if that happened it was not intentional.

I did receive a number of calls from what my phone was saying were Puerto Rico, and those I did not pickup, because I assumed they were spam.

That’s my bad if it came off the wrong way. I do respect your time, and everyone’s, so I owe you an apology if it came off any different.

Also I just looked back on my phone from Monday and saw 3 from unknown caller or no caller ID. I don’t pick those calls up.


Im not sure how to take that @bostoncarconcierge

We have phones in Puerto Rico - and they do work in the US :wink:

Im not sure about the other three calls, but my office is a 413- Massachusetts number. Perhaps that one did not go through.

Anyways, no worries mate.

Thank you for your time.


Lol!!! I know you have phones in PR. Oh jees that made me laugh but not in an insensitive way.

I take ownership of not having good follow up on this one and for that, I do apologize.

Not my style.

Just recently, I discontinued out of state deals due to the lack of follow up I have been able to provide in a timely manner. This being a great example. I appreciated the opportunity to work with you and dropped the ball.

When I see a member joined only a few days ago, and the call comes from an unfamiliar number, not on mainland, I just made the assumption, which is incorrect in this case, that it was not going to be a deal that worked.


Thanks man. best of luck in your business.


What’s the max % off a lightly spec S? Thx.


Some Macan data points from two months ago. One is new, the other is a demo. Residuals and MF May have changed, but here’s an idea of possible discounts in CA.


Have to second this. This only works if the only thing you literally care about is to say “I drive a Porsche”.


Thay MF and under 10% discount though…


Thx for posting. Good discounts, however, buy rate is marked up .00060 basis points. :frowning: