Porsche (Demo specials!) (NY/NJ/CT&PA) (April)

lease/finance/outright purchase inquiry:

Scroll down to the latest comments for the immediately available lease specials.

Message me if you have questions. NY, NJ, PA, and CT only!


Nice deals. Welcome back! :wave:


Thank you!

Your doc is locked

Thank you very much Abe, just updated it.

I think it’s great the warranty start date is listed on the website.

If you want to include monthly payments in your title, you also need to include the DAS amount, per Marketplace guidelines.

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What kind of damage did the Macan S sustain, as it looks like it had an accident?

Something minor. Bumper to bumper

Got it. I’ll update that

It says collision with a bicycle on autocheck

Possibly. I am not aware of what happened. There seems to be no record of any repair done on the car. In NYC, it’s common to have minor accidents reported and majority of the time it’s people sitting in traffic without paying attention. But unfortunately Carfax reports it as an “accident” giving the idea that there may have been a major collision.


The Autocheck that your dealership provided lists it as “collision with a bicycle”. Go to the link to the vehicle that you provided and click on Autocheck logo. Scroll down and you will see Accident listed. Keep scrolling down and it says collision with bicycle on June 16, 2022. It also lists “body service” on September 16, 2022

Probably a minimal damage if they allowed this loaner to be driven for 3 months before fixing it.

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Unfortunately we have no idea if the vehicle sat for several months waiting on parts due to supply chain issues or if it continued to be loaned out.

That’s why you keep guessing?

Yep. Same reason you guess that it is minor damage and that the car continued to be loaned out when we really don’t know.


Just don’t buy it then. It’s not that deep lol




Not exactly. I only made one post to show you that it can be anything and we will never know.