Porsche Cayenne Coupe lease


Hey guys,

Any idea on the MF and RV on the Porsche Cayenne Coupe? Either base coupe or s coupe.

36 months, 10 miles/yr.


The model specific threads on the edmunds forum is the place to go for rv/mf/incentives. That’s where we go to get it.

Get that info from Edmunds.

thank you guys.

here’s a lease offer i got on a 2020 Cayenne Coupe in FL:

MSRP: $93,930
Discounted price: $91,000
39 month lease w/ $5k down
10k miles/yr
$1,448 monthly payment


Did you go and find out the MF and RV as everyone suggested?

I’ve asked. Details provided above are all i have for now, directly from dealer.

This is not a good deal at all. Dealers down here are tight…

I suggest working your way out of the state.

You might want to go update your post to include your zip code


Agree on that.

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That is the laughably bad. Someone just signed an Aston Martin for that price

Last couple Porsche deals I have done was out of state… Dealers are also building at decent numbers as well… just need to find a dealer willing to get aggressive.

Totally. Any idea on what areas dealers may be willing to give sweeter deals on this vehicle?

Do you really want to spend $61k+ to lease a $93k car for 39 months? If you have that much $$$ to burn, why not finance it?

I’m just looking for the best possible deal on the cayenne coupe - whether lease or financing.

I didn’t even know they were for sale yet, the problem is that they are brand new.

Not even considering the terrible discount they’re offering you, just a simple math comparison shows you’re much better off finacing, as with most Porsche’s.

Option 1, Lease: $1448/mo, you pay $62k over 39 mos then give the car back.

Option 2, Finance: $85k for 60 mos, 3%, ~$1527/mo. After 39 mos of payments you’ve paid roughly $64k and your loan payoff is around $32k, on a well kept Porsche you’ll have at least $20k in positive equity at that point if not more.

@allwheeldeal - You are not going to get much off MSRP. Do you really need this car now? Can you wait a few months or look at another SUV coupe like the Q8 or RSQ8?

Let’s not get too excited. Haha. I kbb’ed a cayenne s with a couple packages to get to that $93k msrp on a 2017 with 36k miles.

These things deprecate like a rock.

That makes the estimated monthly if you financed with tax included (assuming 8% sales tax with no trade) an equivalent $1,700+

So basically ends up being a wash buying or leasing.

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Understand your point however comparing current trade in values on a 2017 Cayenne isn’t near apples to apples as a 2017 is the old body style.

Last I checked the 39 mo residual on a base 2020 Cayenne was 58% (same for SUV and Coupe, I worked a lease on one last month), so going solely by this the residual would be $54k on the lease compared to a finance payoff of $32k after 39 mos.

Even if you finance $4k more for taxes and no acquisition fee (6% FL) you’re still way ahead finacing at the end of 39 mos compared to leasing.