Porsche 981 gt4 values

I couldn’t think of this as anything but a meme. 981 gt4.


I’ll give you 36,800 lmk


You’re the highest bidder out of the few online sell your car places. Sold!

Jokes aside, I’m trying to pull the trigger on a 981 GT4 and was trying to understand where the market is. Wanting to keep overall depreciation down.

The market is basically still MSRP+ for a low mileage example, maybe MSRP or slightly lower for the 10-25k-ish range but we’ve even seen 45k+ mile cars go for sticker or higher on BAT if they’re clean.

The 981 is much more rare than the 718, I think it would be hard to lose on one just for the simple supply and demand dynamic.

Yeah I’m aware of the retail market, you’re spot on with what you said. Been watching it for a month or so myself.

Was just curious about the wholesale side of it assuming 1-2 year ownership, hence the offers from online vendors. I’d lose 10% in taxes anyway, lord knows I’m never buying anything from a local PNW dealership so no sales tax credit.

The online resellers either don’t know what they are looking at or are scared of it. Every time I look at 981 prices, they keep going up. I took one in on trade that is going to be listed for $110k with CPO. It was a $106k sticker. 981 and 718 GT4s will continue to appreciate once the 718 EV comes out and the 4RS is discontinued since those will be the last manual, NA, mid-engine Porsche without a 7-figure price tag.


How much did y’all pay for it though? And how many miles?

I think your online offers are valuing the car as a base Cayman because those numbers line up with the MMR.


I’m no Porsche expert… But here is the MMR report on a Cayman GT4 trim.


19k miles. Not going to disclose that info since it is actively for sale. Even though we spent a lot to get it CPO ready, someone will still use that to negotiate.


Wonder what made the one on 12/6 go so low. The one on 9/8 was a salvage car and it still got almost 30k lol.

Fair enough. Most specs I’m looking at are listed at msrp or slightly over with 10k or so miles. Looks like the target should be slightly under msrp for minimized depreciation.

Kind of hilarious, the cheapest 981 on Manheim right now is listed at 87.5k, 40k miles, shows 5 owners on CarFax, 7 on AutoCheck, and is a horrible spec. It has a mismatched tow cap and is at a Mitsibishi dealership for sale. I can’t imagine the life of that poor car.

If that listing doesn’t speak to the value of these cars, I don’t know what does


That’s if you want to wholesale it, tbh, the GT4 is not a car that needs to be wholesaled to a dealer to exit easily, there are so few on the market at any one given time that you will get the eyes on your car if you post it for sale.

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Yeah I’d imagine private party is going to be the move with these whenever it’s time to sell. But worst case dealer trade in will be the savior, and I know they’re not paying anywhere near msrp. 3-5k under I would imagine with great condition and 15kish miles.

Same sentiment on the 718 gts 4.0, or only the GT4/Spyder?

Recently seen a couple available at msrp- flip is dead and people walking away I suppose.

Sometimes I really hate losing weight but being able to fit in cars like the gt4 make it worth it.

That being said I still have yet to find a good way to get out of many of those cars lol

They made a lot more 718 GT4’s than 981’s. I still think they’ll hold strong at MSRP even in the worst case, especially once discontinued.

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I’m 30, might only have couple more years to fit in buckets before I have to give in to life’s responsibilities, which will potentially impact how well I fit in buckets as well.

Hence running with 2 year ownership scenario.

Unless you can find an aged car, I don’t think most dealers are going to negotiate a lot. It is a “I know what I have” type of car. Same with private parties. Some owners are asking for more than a comparable 718.

I think the 4.0 be fine but the real appreciation will be seen in the GT4 and Spyder along with their RS variants IMO. Part of this will be because the GTS is seen as a car to be daily driven, so the average GTS will have a lot more miles than the GT variants. The ultra-low mile GT4s/Spyders will prop up the rest of the market. Plus collectors will want to have the “rarer” car, which again will be the GT variant.

Depends on how you define a lot. About 900 more 718s made it into NA compared to 981s. 2400 vs 3200. About 60% of 718s are manual (approx 1900), so it is harder to find a manual 718 than a 981 if that is what you are into.

I have 18-ways in my GT4 and most of our VIPs skip buckets and get 18-ways too. Buckets are cool to look at, but only there for resale value. The only person I know who likes buckets is a cup car driver.

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I felt so bad for our chevy store. I think I spent maybe an hour going between gt1 and gt2 seats for my corvette order