Porsche 911 Turbo Lease

Has anyone done a deal on a Porsche 911 Turbo? It looks like the numbers are pretty bad, 220k msrp and ~$3,500 a month. I haven’t found any solid numbers, that’s just a rough estimate from some things I’ve read. I’ll try to get a quote from the dealership Monday. I’d like to stay under 3k a month ideally.

Also let me know if you have any other recommendations for that price range. I have no idea which exotic cars have decent leases. I’ve seen some Mclaren 570’s on swapalease for under 2k per month and 720’s for around 3k, which is tempting. But I haven’t seen much else that’s reasonable. Do any Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s lease in this range?

Are you planning to daily driver? Stick with the porsche. Also buying with porsche is usually the better bang for buck.

Is it a weekend only car? Go with a Mclaren or lamborghini. Ferrari is worth looking into but they usually don’t lease as well as mclaren or lamborghini.

Find one first lol. lmk if you would rather look at Mclaren, astons or Lamborghini.

Ferrari depending on car you may be better off buying well then leasing.


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Haven’t seen any 911 Turbo data points other than the below posted on SAL and Worst Leases You’ve Seen thread, basically $5k/month.

In any event with most 911’s it’s easy to see exactly what your payments will be, just get the latest MF and RV from Edmunds and build a quick calculator. No incentives and on a Turbo you’ll be at MSRP if you’re lucky.

Leasetrader - 2021 911 Turbo Cab

There’s almost no inventory in the US. :chocolate_bar:

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Oh I know…

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It would be a weekend car basically, I work from home. I’m also considering buying something 4-6 years old and only taking it out once or twice a month. That’s the best choice financially.

Also standard advice with pretty much any Porsche is to make sure you look at 39 and 42 month terms, which invariably lease out better than 36 months.

Ouch. I’d be ok just financing a 2-3 year old Turbo in that case. That’s insane.

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Just for $hits I just ran the numbers on a $230k Turbo S coupe, 36 mo 10k, assuming you paid MSRP and base MF you’re looking at $3800/mo with $6k DAS.

A 42 mo, 7500k drops it to $3500 with $5500 DAS.

All of the above is pre-tax.

If you can purchase/finance a used one, that’s probably the best way to go. The higher end Porsche’s seem to hold their value very well, and are much better options than leases.


Seems like just doing an 84 month loan with 30k down is a much better payment.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. I was just hoping they had some deals. :smiley: I’ll probably just do that. I kinda want to keep this car forever anyways. If I leased, I’d buy it out at the end. Just thought it would be nice to have lower payments up front.

A great deal on a Turbo S is MSRP. A lot of dealers have 1+ year waitlist for orders. Don’t bother leasing it at 6% interest when you can finance it for less.


Finance this beast or get a used 991.2 Turbo S or even a GT3 and save 80k.

Best of luck.


Or something more rare/collectible like a 996 GT2 - those can be had in the low 100’s in amazing shape.

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That’s a great suggestion, but I can’t find ANY 996 GT2s in low 100ks.

I’m also guessing OP wants something a little newer if looking at a 992 Turbo S lease. The aesthetic, tech, and comfort a leagues different.

If you are using it that little I would recommend leasing a mclaren/lamborghini or buying a porsche.

I think 5k miles/yr should cover u.

Really also depends on what type of person you are, are you looking for a more purist lowkey car that is a drivers car? Or a flashy exotic.

Personally if I was driving a car that little my option would be a 720s, it’s very sleek and has the driving dynamics to match the cars exterior.

Fair - one cool thing is Porsche has the new communication update for the 996 to get CarPlay etc in place of the original entertainment system. Even a 996 Turbo/Turbo S leaves room for other toys.

I noticed that last year and completely forgot about it. I wished I had remembered it looking for my 991.1.