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Hey guys
I think it would be better to have an option for the community to vote reopen threads that have been closed by mods.
Case in point: https://forum.leasehackr.com/t/signed-2020-honda-civic-si-coupe/255887?u=m3-fast

I really had some stuff on my mind that I wanted to say, and I wanted to see others comment on it more. I think it’d be great if non-mod users had the ability to vote to reopen threads closed by others.

Just my 2c

EDIT: Getting a lot of smoke for not making a poll, so here’s one!

Should the LH Community Be Able To Vote To Reopen Closed Threads?

  • No, I am satisfied with the current closing protocols
  • Allow LH Community to vote to reopen closed threads

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Made it possible to see who’s voting, that way we have more transparency if the vote was from a mod or a regular user.


Wholly agree. Sometimes it seems like mods close threads because they can. Just because things can get off topic doesn’t mean the entire discussion should be over if others can meaningfully contribute. That’s what the off-topic landfill is for.


I can’t speak for other Hackrs, but before closing a thread I always weigh the value it has to the community. I do not go out of my way to close threads just because I can and from what I’ve seen I don’t think other hackrs do that, either.

I’m sure some threads have been closed that may have brought more value, but those are few and far in between. I agree with the TH that closed the Si thread. The OP had posted in the shared deals sub forum and then removed any details of the deal rendering it value-less for that community.

Additionally, some locked threads may become unlocked by the same or other TH. I think we already do a pretty good job of catching unnecessarily closed threads.


I communicated with the co founders about this specific post and hopefully they will do something. They guy tried to do his part and shared his deal, he got ridiculed and laughed at by some trusted hackers then his thread was closed before he even got the chance to post photos. personally I decided to stop sharing deals and switch to reading mode. It’s pretty sad.


I love our trusted hackers but I do feel like sometimes the fun threads where things may go off on a tangent get closed prematurely. I know this is a leasehacking forum, but I genuinely do enjoy engaging / joking with users on here.

Ex - We need a rant thread (to vent our frustration)

I never got to share the story of the time I got into a fight with a cowboy :cowboy_hat_face:


I still do want that story…

There are PMs for story sharing. Just one option.


He was free to post his pics but choose to delete his thread. He pm’d me and I advised him that his original post could be edited to post pics or he could post them in the trophy garage.


I came here expecting a poll. Disappointed…

Do you know The Muffin Man?

  • Yes
  • Democracy!

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Thanks for clarifying. I don’t blame him. he probably decided to delete his post after all the shaming that took place. The young guy was very respectful and was only trying to learn from people of knowledge. Little he knew that he was stepping into a minefield. We need to encourage people to post their deals, that’s how this platform grow and become more rich. Getting ridiculed for a not so perfect deal will disincentive others out of fear of getting the same treatment especially when it’s coming from Trusted hackers who others look up to for knowledge and support. they are named trusted for a reason. With authority comes responsibility.


He never posted his deal before signing(frowned upon)and also contacted a well respected broker, who according to the broker, quoted him less than what he signed for. Not sure what the expectations are when those two things happen. We can’t help people if they sign deals without giving us a shot before signing.


i get that… but when there is like 10+ non contributory comments to 1 comment… i see why they close the thread.

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A guy who wastes time of one of the more respectable brokers + then gets that car for a much higher price than the broker quoted + adds all the overpriced protection extras + posts his deal after it’s signed to gloat = chum in the LH waters

Afterwards the guy took down his own deal Info and never posted pictures. Speaks volumes.


I guess we did kind of act like sharks to chum, but he’s like to quote a fellow hackr, ‘allergic to saving money’. He actually got an undercoating package in Florida… flipping Florida.

Not that this is a democracy and our opinion matters but in the many years of internet forum posting this forum is one of the most policed I’ve ever seen.

Not saying that’s a bad thing or a good think just making the statement.

On to my opinion lol - I think unless there is an alternative motive like to turn this into some type of professional business, I think we need to lighten up. I’m curious what standing orders the mods are given in terms of how this place should be moderated. Is it, close everything off topic? Like what kind of moderation policy do we have here.

Dumb example but back in the old counterstrike gaming server days I ran a group of servers and we had some Admins floating around. They never were to use their power though to alter the natural flow of the place unless something was wrong… Just because a map people didn’t like showed up next in the rotation and they could change it doesn’t mean they should…

There’s my. 02 cents and the history lesson lol :roll_eyes:


Off top should have been removed and the thread should have been kept open, unless OP asked for it to be closed first. IMO. There are a lot of closings lately for reasons that I also don’t understand.


Clarification: The original post and thread was deleted by the OP, not by any trustedhackr. After OP deleted it, It was then closed by a trustedhackr.
I honestly started the conversation with OP as I was confused on why he didnt like my pricing which was better, to which he replied with a made up higher pricing and a B.S. $50 monthly quote on add ons.
I have sold numerous cars to members here and not a single soul has been recommended to purchase any products. Heck i always educate members /clients if products are even worth it and I had tried the same with OP BUT NEVER QUOTED ANY PRICE.
For him to come back and state made up prices is kind of rubbing it in my face straight up lying, specially after i had spent time helping him understand. At that point i just wished him good luck n good bye.
It was his continous attitude which I guess everyone else got tired of.


It was in “Share Deals”. And while I totally understand your frustration, his thread should not have been turned into back and and forth between the OP and a broker, especially if there was no contract in place.
If he posted in your “Review” thread I’d move it to landfill because there was no contract between you.


You posting that reply? image

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Maybe I should close this thread…:rofl::joy::rofl::joy: