Poll: Your Preferred Marketplace Title Format

Do you find the current Marketplace format useful, or would you prefer more structured titles?

An example of a structured title could be:


BMW - from $280/month for 330i - :space_invader: Leasehackr Concierge Special (Conquest req.) - ONLY SOCAL

  • I like it as is
  • I prefer standardized titles for Marketplace deals

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Standardized is definitely the way to go. All the info in the title, no click-bait etc.
If applicable, the month it’s valid for would be nice too (most of them seem to do this already but it’s a good thing to include if they don’t)


Agree. Hate having to open a thread without knowing key details


I agree, I think a standardized format will help focus on substance.

I’d propose a longer title length if we go that route.

Especially with a standard format, it should allow more deals and and more uniformity:

For example, with the current title length, I am only allowed to type this much before it cuts off:

[NJ.lease | NY.lease] | HYUNDAI | NOVEMBER | $99/month Ioniq EV w/CHARGE UP NJ | Or $1k Fees+Tax on $186 Elantra SE, XXX

Just to fit:

Business Name - Brand - Month - 2 Complete deals with Down/monthly.

With a longer length, I would be able to do things like:

NJ.lease | NY CT PA MD DE MA | HYUNDAI | NOVEMBER | $99/month Ioniq EV w/CHARGE UP NJ | Or $1k(Fees)+Tax Down on $186/mo Elantra SE, $199/mo Elantra Value, $235 Sonata, $245/mo Tuscon, $265/mo Santa Fe

I think, without some structure, the longer titles can be abused. But with the proposed standardized structure, allowing longer titles will be a net positive for everyone. Brokers can advertise more exact pricing on a wider selectin of popular models, and customers can save the click and compare more cars, apples to apples, just by scrolling titles.

I want to be able to advertise my Total down, and Total Payments, including all fees, including my broker fee, and all “for everyone” or “for all state residents on EV/PHEV” rebates.

I provide a disclosure in my first post, but would be pro-normalizing how these things are advertised.

Lease Term & Pricing Disclosure

All advertised deals are 3 year, 10k miles per year. Monthly payments are as-advertised.
Pay your True Due-At-Signing (DAS) dollar amount (or roll it in w/good credit) of just:
:heavy_plus_sign: $1000 Down (consisting of your state reg, bank acquisition, dealer fee)
:heavy_plus_sign: State Taxes
:heavy_plus_sign: Your first of 36 equal payments.

Fees & Rebates Disclosure

The following are NOT factored into advertised prices and are available as EXTRA DISCOUNTS, on top of what I’m listing, to those that qualify for them.

:heavy_plus_sign: All deals require a $249 broker fee from customer paid to me to start your deal
:heavy_minus_sign: All Deals are eligible for a $250 BonusDrive rebate, which is filled out by the customer after leasing, and arrives via check 8-10 weeks

:heavy_minus_sign: $1000 First Responder rebate (if you Qualify at the dealer)
:heavy_minus_sign: $1000 Military rebate (if you Qualify at the dealer)
:heavy_minus_sign: $4000 Recent College Grad rebate (if you Qualify at the dealer)

I also have the more specific problem where I advertise two distinct types of car, with very different pricing structure, from the same brand, so I have to squeeze both onto the same thread:

  • Gas Cars in all states, following the simple disclosures above
  • Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, which must be leased from a dealer that is physically located in the same state that the customer resides in. Reliance on state-specific incentive programs that vary between states does make it trickier to standardize. For these I only presently NJ and NY (but very soon about to start offering MA, and CT), and each has a different payment and payment structure on the same car.

I think one highlighted deal might be enough. I also think there should be a character limit to the highlighted deal portion. Enough so everyone understands the structure and rebates applied, but not a full paragraph that would make reading each title a chore.

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I mean we’re limited at 120 characters right now?

How about 150? Enough to squeeze in some longer words like “November”, “Tuscon”, “Santa Fe” and “Inceptions”

“Elantra/Sonata” is a lot more characters than “C/E Class”, as an example. You could probably squeeze more deals in on cars that have shorter model names, but a little more flex in the title would not penalize on brands that have longer model names.

An ideal title for me would have 5 deals in it: My lowest priced EV and my top 4 most popular gas models.

A really consistent formula for inceptions/down/DAS for those gas models.:

:electric_plug: NJ.lease | HYUNDAI | $1k Incepts+Tax | $72/mo Ioniq EV w/NJ CHARGE UP | $199/mo Elantra Value | $235/mo Sonata | $245/mo Tuscon | $265/mo Santa Fe

I don’t want people to have to read my thread to shop me against my competitors. Just by scrolling past it, I believe a customer should see a pretty transparent and normalized price on a few popular models in the title.

No broker names in titles …just clutter

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NJ.lease | NY CT PA MD DE MA | HYUNDAI | NOVEMBER | $99/month Ioniq EV w/CHARGE UP NJ | Or $1k(Fees)+Tax Down on $186/mo Elantra SE, $199/mo Elantra Value, $235 Sonata, $245/mo Tuscon, $265/mo Santa Fe

Way too much text, especially on mobile which I’d bet is > 50% of traffic. If every post is like this it just becomes a wall of text and is almost unreadable. I get you need to put across basic info but you don’t need to be so specific in a title.

“Elantra/Sonata” is a lot more characters than “C/E Class”, as an example.



If you’re going to do this in the marketplace you should institute the same in the private transfer section, majority of people do a great job but some people don’t even bother putting monthly payment in their title. I think it would help newer members sort more quickly.

I would also suggest separate manufacturer sub-forums for the private transfers to make it even easier to filter imo.

I would say the same for marketplace too but many brokers combine the threads so separating them would be cumbersome.

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That interesting feedback

I think a lot of people follow specific broker threads

My audit showed it to be at best cluttered and annoying to view
And the fact that users are firstly looking for vehicles specifically
So with limited characters anything else is truly clutter (not least emojis)

Yours is of course awesome :heart_eyes: :lobster:

Lol! I wasn’t speaking about me

There are certain broker threads I always want to see and I think folks love seeing updates throughout the month from those brokers

Just my thought! All feedback is good.

I prefer having the name in there but with more characters and a standard format


How about forcing Broker name as the first tag below
That would be clean

More info, standard format, with Emolji, broker name, month, brand, and a highlighted deal with term, das, and monthly.

More than that and I feel it will get even more cluttered than it is now.

And to all Brokers

A Thank You is most in order for your contributions

How about 50? The details should be in the post, not in the title


If that’s what the people want, but it would be two short to fit even two deals in my case, and certainly not “November”

:electric_plug: HYUNDAI | $99/mo Ioniq EV (NJ) | $199/mo Elantra w$1k+Tax

This is already at 57 characters, would love to be able to squeeze an AWD SUV into the title as well. Agree that details should be in the post, but if we can squeeze a really high-level price into the title, that could be helpful to buyers that are already doing a lot of scrolling.

I think brokers shouldn’t be allowed to list deals in their spreadsheets with like 4,000 in stacked incentives, when almost no one would qualify for all of them, already baked into the monthly, artificially lowering the monthly.

It creates confusion and is fundamentally dishonest for a site that helps people find transparency in the leasing process.

Yes, I know this is unrelated.


I don’t think there should be any deals in the title. You have whole thread to post deals there. Everyone will understand what ‘Nov.’ or ‘11/20’ stands for.