Poll: Tesla Model S Plaid vs BMW M5 Competition / Mercedes-AMG E63S

I’m not saying electric isn’t the future; between the options presented by op, the Tesla is the least impressive. With that said, pretty much every other luxury EV, while maybe not as fast, is nicer overall than the Tesla. I do think its worth noting that high-performance ICE vehicles will likely become highly sought after and collectible (look at pricing now for 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s Ferraris/Lambos vs. 5 years ago).

I am neutral on the EV versus ice debate, I like both🤪. I’m just curious where we may be now with a EVs being the equivalent of what ICE was to a horse 100 years ago.

Need to quicken the charge time, somehow segmenting out the battery, and allowing for dual charging simultaneously. Charge time needs to be less than 10 min

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not gonna happen donald trump GIF by Election 2016

The best part is it never gets old. I missed the exhaust note for a week or two. The cars Fast, Intuitive and simple.

To the poster who mentioned an Apple Watch to a Rolex…there will always be innovation and collectible items. I can create a far better piece of art in ten minutes on my tablet but I still would love to own a Dali painting.

Madea agrees :slight_smile:
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We’re about at 1915 maybe:

And I feel like it will flatline for a while until charging infrastructure improves.

In 10 mins charging, the Plaid will add 125 miles.

That’s plenty of range in most cases to drive around town all day and make it home for a complete charge over night. On a road trip of about 450 miles round trip to visit family in South Florida, I stop once on the way home for about a 10 minute charge and I arrive at home with around 50 miles left on the battery.

I never have to go to a gas station by charging at home. So the extra 5 minutes I spend charging as compared to gassing up the tank on that road trip, I’d say I am coming out way ahead. I used to waste 5 minutes every week at a gas station. Now I only waste 10 minutes once every few months.