Poll: Tesla Model S Plaid vs BMW M5 Competition / Mercedes-AMG E63S

Which one would you rather have?
Feel free to explain the reason why in the thread below…

  • Tesla Model S Plaid
  • BMW M5 Competition / Mercedes-AMG E63S

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Have you maybe “considered” a Taycan or e-tron GT?

I see 2 proper cars and 1 plastic toy
Very obvious for me


M5/E63 because I like to gangster lean and steer at 12 o’clock. Kind of hard with the yoke wheel.

Realistically though, the Plaid is just a one trick pony. Like all Tesla’s, it lacks character whereas the M5/E63 overload you with it.

Yea it’s faster if you’re arguing sheer speed but I’m over that stage in my life. I’d rather have creature comforts and build quality (and panel gaps) that warrant a $130k+ price tag.

How long are you keeping it?
If less than 5 years the model S
If longer the ice cars

But between the m and Amg I would take the merc

Also if you have home charging another plus for the Tesla

Currently the 7500 applies to the S



If you buy a plaid you get $7500 off

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Purely based off of which car does the heart desire more. No need to bring in technical/practical considerations.

Since they are all in the ballpark range of each other, I figured people cross-shop them.

I did, the only Taycan that can compete specs wise is the Taycan Turbo S, so I left it out because it’s not in the same price range (190k). Did not consider the E Tron GT.

I sort of view this poll as the Model S Plaid (EV king imo) vs the old school German muscle cars

Tesla is offering $7,500 off any model if you take delivery by tomorrow.


The Tesla is nice but imo I don’t see how it commands a 130k tag.Speed is nice for sure, but nothing else in the vehicle commands that tag.

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I like to hand out the GAP

My 22 Tesla Model S was faster and drove better than any BMW or Mecedes I have owned. I do think the RS etron GT has a nicer interior, for the price point, but found it too low for country road daily driving. Not into the Taycan styling, at all, but that’s just personal preference. Would love to get into another Model S.


The Tesla is a gimmick and doesn’t encompass anything fun. Its like when you get the new IPhone and you’re only excited for about two weeks before not caring. If Tesla updated its interiors and quality to compete with the Taycan or the other new German evs, then it wouldn’t be too bad of an option.


To me the car also has to look and feel special if I’m dropping $$$. Tesla needs to up their game in their performance models if they want to compete. The plaid and the M3 performance look pretty much like the base model cars. Would it have been THAT hard to add custom bumpers, hood, etc to make them look special? Same with the interior, you get the same crap interior.

Go the German route and you can customize everything from colors, interior etc. Different leather options, exterior colors etc.

Go with Tesla and it looks just like the base model special your neighbor who doesn’t care about cars bought.

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Just by looking at the photos you posted, the Tesla looks like every other model S. The M and AMG don’t look like their base model brethren.

Mmmm…. I think I will stick with BMW for the time being.

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Plaid but as a MX.

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I would go etron GT RS.