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Hey Guys,

So I have a suggestion. Instead of your standard dealer frames, to raise money for leasehackr, each vehicle should have Leasehackr.com plate frames. Lets say charge 10 dollars per set (About 3 dollars per set in a bulk order), and every car in the trophy garage will have them. It could be a cool way to distinguish ourselves on the streets. Let me know if my idea is completely off the wall.


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Like the idea, but you shouldn’t have brackets period. Learned that the hard way when a cop pulled me over to break my chops about total BS and used that as an excuse. In Jersey for example it’s illegal to obstruct your plate, period. About 1/4 inch of “Garden State” at the bottom of my plate was obstructed by my dealer bracket BTW…

Someone had a goal to meet lmao


It was total BS… I had passengers too who would have testified that I didn’t do what she claimed I did. I ended up just paying the fine after pleading to something with no points attached. But the whole thing was a shakedown.

A bunch of my family members have the covers and haven’t ever gotten pulled over lol.

It’s a total scam. But they can use it against you if they want an excuse to do it.

It was my first time too.

It should be a fix it ticket for the first time

I did once get pulled over for driving a nice car and having Manhattan frames (im assuming, cause I wouldn’t drive back up to fight it). I was driving my fathers LS460L back in 2012 in upstate NY, and am in the middle lane doing about 73 in a 65 (not too fast). I see cars fly by me at 80mph in the left. A cop pulls behind me and just follows me for a few miles. Meanwhile, I slow down to 65. After 3 mins, he pulls me over stating I was speeding. I asked “why me” when there were cars driving MUCH faster. He had no reply. Lucky me had a pba on me, and had to get my neighbor on the phone who told this upstate cop not to give me a ticket. Seemingly frustrated, he just stormed off back to his cruiser and sped off.`

She used it as an excuse and a CYA. I was ultimately ticketed for an improper left hand turn. Also claimed I ran a red light. Neither of which were true. On top of that even if it was true she could not have seen it from her vantage point. I bet the dashcam confirmed that.

Oh man I would’ve fought that in court for sure!

I had my freaking TIN on me, forget a PBA card. Still ticketed me, NY credentials aren’t a guarantee in Jersey, plus she was new on the job with a training officer too.

It’s not worth it. Costs more to fight. 89 bucks and no points was a win. Fighting would have cost way more in time alone and the courthouse is literally in the police station. It’s a total scam.

Yeah, they just used you to train her :joy:

I was driving Uber that night and taking passengers home… Both people totally disputed her claims and were prepared to testify. But that’s what they said. Would they actually show up? Not to mention, contested hearings wait ALL day to discourage them from happening. It’s attorney plea deals, self represented plea deals, and finally contested hearings. It’s such a racket. Cost of doing business I guess. I’m in and out of the area constantly though so the last thing I need is a cop to remember me for any reason.

depends on what part I guess…my friend has no front plate in addition to tinted windows including the windshield and has gotten pulled over only a handful of times in the last 3yrs. maybe 1-2 tickets.

Well anyway, back on the topic… I think it’s a good idea, do you have any designs already?


SHows me a empty cart, can you take a screenshot?

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