POLL: LeaseHackr car merch

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Good idea. :+1:t5::+1:t5:. 202020

Not bad at all!


I’d much rather prefer a removable window sticker with the leasehackr logo on it…


Idk, whatever the populous wants. If my family ends up going for the GX460 I’ll custom order a sample and put it on.

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Added a poll! Might be cool to rock a LH logo sticker on the i3…

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I was super happy about my net $0 down $255/month 2017 i3 REx until I got the registration renewal from DMV today. $516 due :joy::joy::joy:

It’s a reminder that you got a Leasehackr Score of 20! You’re driving a $54,000 car… in theory. :joy:

That’s true.:joy: I remember the LH Score was 20+ yrs when I pulled the trigger. My MSRP is $52,495. If I factor in the gas money I’m saving monthly (my apartment provides free level 2 charging), it bumps the LH Score to 40+ yrs. But two registration renewal of $500+ set LH Socre back to 35ish. Thanks for running this amazing site!

(I do miss my old days in PA where the registration fee is $36 flat rate…)

My Lexus (MSRP of $59k) renewal is due this month and it’s $422. Odd that your lower cost BMW is $500+.

My response would’ve been “probema senor? Oh sorry officer I thought I was driving in mexico there for a minute.”

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Hmm I missed this thread earlier but think it’d be a great idea. Lemme get a LH plate with my LH score on it :slight_smile:

LH 17

Where can I send my money?

I missed this thread too, but think its a great idea. I’d prefer sticker over license plate frame, only because I use my license plate frame to represent my allegiance to my hometown team, the Philadelphia Eagles.

As you should. Ring in the soon-to-be champs; the destroyer of Minnesota miracles

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