Polestar EV Announced

There will be cheaper Polestar 2 soon. Full EV, I think too.

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I saw the Polestar 2 in person in August, I may have tried to get it pregnant. It’s everything good about the Volt with everything good since Geely bought Volvo, plus a much improved infotainment system.

Left or right tailpipe?


Charging port :pensive:

It’s sexy AF. They did an amazing job - need to just start building them. I’m hoping they’ll bring one to the LA Auto Show this month.

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I think they planned for 2022
Oh, I wonder if Volvo will qualify for loyalty

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I thought I heard 2021 but I believe 2022 more. And hopefully: Polestar is wholly owner. :man_shrugging:t2:

Maybe 2021, I don’t remember.

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Are you pitching or catching?

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Me or Ursus?

As two battery powered machines, we just exchange firmware over one channel and watts over another. :robot::battery::zap::red_car::battery:

Can I have the link please

Sweet. Can be reserved already.

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Yeah they were taking reservations at the road show event.

I have the worst luck on the planet so I’ll be waiting for someone else to drive one of the first 1,000.

Is the Polestar 2 a hatch? or a sedan? I couldn’t really figure it out from the pix. I am a sucker for a liftback.



Polestar 2 is a hatch.


oooooh *salivates

Yeah it’s volt-like. Hot in person.

They can build it in the US. Problem solved.

Meantime, the XC40 Recharge can be ordered for end of 2020 delivery

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0-60 in 4.7sec? 402hp? :scream:

This makes it the fastest subcompact SUV by some margin right?